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exacqVision Integrates with Selea License Plate Recognition Software

Exacq announces a new integration with Selea car plate server CPS LPR software. This LPR integration gives exacqVision users greater video surveillance capabilities within one interface.

  • Easily view video associated with license plates
  • Save time identifying vehicles with associated video
  • Search recorded video quickly to find evidence and detect suspects
  • Configure keywords and rules to trigger event linking and event monitoring to:
    • Record video and audio
    • Send an email
    • Automatically export video
    • Command a PTZ preset
    • Play sound

Commend Integration

This integration requires exacqVision 7.8 or later. Learn more about this on our partner pag

exacqVision Integrates with Inex/Zamir for Enhanced License Plate Recognition

Exacq announces a new integration with Inex/Zamir license plate recognition software. This integration gives exacqVision users greater video surveillance capabilities within one interface.Inex Xamir


  • Easily view video associated with license plates
  • Saves time identifying vehicles with associated video
  • Search recorded video to quickly find video evidence and identify suspects
  • The exacqVision VMS software will show the following data:
    • License plate number
    • Description
    • Time stamp of date and time
    • Confidence number

This integration requires exacqVision 7.2 or later and IZServer build 73 or later. Learn more about this integration on our partners page.



Updated Exacq IP Cameras Webpage Makes Searching Easier

The new Exacq IP cameras webpage allows you to filter by specific features to find all the supported cameras compatible with exacqVision in addition to using the search box. These new search filters make it easier for you to find the IP cameras you are looking for. The new filters include:

  • Megapixel (search for cameras with desired MP resolution)
  • Fisheye
  • EasyConnect (IP cameras compatible with exacqVision EasyConnect)
  • Audio
  • Two-way audio
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
  • Analytics
  • Edge
  • Encoder (search for analog to digital video encoders)
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition)
  • Multi-streaming
  • Other Devices (I/O modules, Surveillance Keyboards, etc.)

exacqVision supports more than 2,200 IP camera models from nearly 100 manufacturers. Additionally, you can sort by manufacturer, model, number of streams supported and more. Be sure to view the test results to see all the integration details and functionality.

IP Camera Search Filters

Sample Test Results
Sample Test Results

PlateSmart License Plate Recognition Software Integration

PlateSmartExacq Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce a new integration with PlateSmart Technologies, a license plate recognition (LPR) software-only solution. The PlateSmart software can be easily integrated into any exacqVision system. Once the PlateSmart software is connected to the camera and exacqVision system, it continually searches for license plates. The recognized license plate goes through the PlateSmart analytics, the metadata is sent to the exacqVision server and then the plate information is shown in the exacqVision VMS software. The information displayed in the exacqVision software includes the following data:

  • PlateSmartLicense plate number
  • Timestamp of when the license plate was captured
  • Camera name
  • State
  • Longitude and latitude
  • Path to the image

This new PlateSmart integration is available for integration with exacqVision systems within the United States. It provides exacqVision end users with a seamless addition of a LPR solution to their existing video security system.

PlateSmart exacqVision IntegrationPlateSmart Integration Example

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

exacqVision Version 4.11 Released

exacqVision Version 4.11Version 4.11 of the exacqVision Video Management Software is now available. This latest version updates exacqVision Start, Pro, Enterprise, and Edge, and is compatible with all exacqVisionservers (hybrid, IP and COTS servers). It incorporates new features, enhancements and improvements, continuing the delivery of regular software updates.

Version 4.11 is available for download here:

Key features include the following:

  • Enhanced Visual Appearance
  •    16:9 viewing panes
  •    Updated icons
  •    Faster Client Display
  • Enhanced Search & Archiving
  •    exacqReplay for Views
  •    Search current viewing layout
  •    New Quick Export feature
  • Time as Trigger Event Linking Feature
  •    Switch Video Wall Displays on Time
  •    Move PTZ Presets on Time
  •    Record, Output, Export and Archive, and more, based on time
  • New UDP IP Camera Native Plugin
  • exacqVision Edge support for IQinVision Cameras
  • CitySync LPR/ANPR integration
  • IP Camera Integration updates from ACTi, Axis, Hikvision, Samsung, Vivotek
  • New ONVIF IP Camera Integration with DVTel, Truen
  • Enhancements to exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard software

Here are some of the features in detail:

Enhanced Visual Appearance – 16:9 Viewing Panes

Version 4.11 adds full support throughout for true 16:9 viewing panes in live view, search and playback, thumbnail search, exporting and playback through the Media Player, and through exacqReplay.

There can be any mixture of 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio cameras. The live view pane size defaults to the most prevalent number of either 4:3 or 16:9 cameras.

exacqVision 16:9 view 1
Live View, 2×2, with 16:9 IP cameras

thumbnail view - 66:9 panels
Thumbnail Search with 16:9 cameras

exacqReplay 16:9 view
exacqReplay with 16:9 cameras

exacqVision Start, Pro, Enterprise, Edge

Enhanced Visual Appearance – Updated Icons
Version 4.11 introduces refreshed icons throughout the program, designed to be more functionally intuitive as well as aesthetically pleasing.

exacqVision 4.11 new GUI elements and icons

exacqVision Start, Pro, Enterprise, Edge

Enhanced Visual Appearance – Faster Client Display
Version 4.11 continues the client optimization by adding support for multithreading for faster client display.

exacqVision Start, Pro, Enterprise, Edge

Enhanced Search & Archiving – exacqReplay for Views
exacqReplay, the instant replay feature from the live view, can now replay an entire view.

exacqReplay - 16:9 multi camera view

exacqVision Start, Pro, Enterprise, Edge

Enhanced Search & Archiving – Search Current View
The right-click instant search now can search the current multi-camera view.

exacqVision Search on View

exacqVision Start, Pro, Enterprise, Edge

Enhanced Search & Archiving – New Quick Export Feature
A new Quick Export button has been added. Simply select cameras, start time, stop time and hit the Quick Export button. The single or multi-camera export will take place in the background, using another core of the client PC processor. The user can then immediately do additional searches, go back to live, or other functions, while the Quick Export is working in the background. Multiple Quick Exports can happen simultaneously, greatly aiding in the ability to easily and quickly export and archive important video incidents.

exacqVision Quick Export

exacqVision Quick Export progress bar

exacqVision Pro, Enterprise, Edge

New Time as Trigger Event Linking Feature
Time has been added as an Event Linking trigger.

exacqVision Time as Trigger

Functions include:

  • Video Wall– Switch Video Wall views at preset times, such as switching from interior cameras to parking lot cameras in a school at 3:00
  • Record Video and/or Audio– Record from key cameras during specific times
  • Output Trigger– Turn on lights, lock or unlock doors
  • Notify– Alert or remind key security and operations personal of important tasks
  • exacqRecall– archive cameras to DVD, external storage, cloud, etc.
  • PTZ Preset – Move cameras to specific views at targeted times

exacqVision Pro, Enterprise, Edge

exacqVision EdgeexacqVision Edge now on IQinVision Cameras
exacqVision Edge, the version of exacqVision VMS that runs on the camera without requiring an external server, now is available for IQinVision Cameras.  Supported camera models are  the IQeye 7 Series and the IQeye Sentinel Series.

exacqVision Edge

CitySyncCitySync LPR/ANPR Integration
Integration with the CitySync JetBase ANPR software has been added via the Serial-over-IP function in exacqVision. More information is available from the exacqVision-CitySync Integration Guide.


exacqVision Pro, Enterprise

UDPUDP IP Camera Integration
Support has been added for the IPE line of UDP IP Cameras, with the IPN line to follow in the September 2012 release.

The IPE Series is a full line of H.264 network cameras, standard resolution and megapixel, indoor and outdoor, box, domes and PTZ. The full listing of model numbers is available on the UDP IPE Series webpage.

Support is also included for the built-in video analytics of the IPE line via the Serial-over-IP feature of exacqVision. Analytic routines in the cameras include intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, abandoned-object detection, people counting, loitering detection, camera tampering, and failure detection.

Supported IP Camera Updates

Support has been added for the ACTi TCM-1111 bullet camera, TCM-3111 fixed dome camera, TCM-4511 cube camera, and TCM-5111 box camera.

Support has been added for the Axis Q1602 and Q1604 network cameras. These two models also can run exacqVision Edge on the camera.

Support has been added for DVTel Quasar Series network cameras via the exacqVision ONVIF plugin.

Support has been added for the Panasonic SW172, SW175, SW314, and SW316 network cameras.

Support has been added for the Truen network cameras via the exacqVision ONVIF plugin.

Support has been added for the Vivotek VS8102 encoder, and the FD8361, IP7361, IP8332, MD7560, IP7151, IP7139, FD8362, and PZ8111 network cameras.

ExacqVision Surveillance Keyboard Enhancements
Additional functionality has been added for the exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard, including expanded default mapping of buttons, new configuration page, third axis for variable search speed,, switch navigation tree, switch layouts, and more.

exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard

Recent Releases
With this release we continue to make rapid progress with exacqVision, and incremental releases hit quarterly with new features and functionality. The full release history of exacqVision VMS is here:
exacqVision Release History

Download and Installation
As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through ‘Check for Updates‘ in the ‘About‘ box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here: http://exacq.com/downloads

Try exacqVision software for free here: http://exacq.com/try