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Securitronics secures LPGA championship

Wegman's LPGA ChampionshipThis week’s Security Systems News has a detailed story on the security and surveillance system installed at this year’s Wegman’s LPGA Championship in Rochester, NY, by exacqVision integrator Securitronics.

Organizers of the Wegman’s LPGA Championship decided to augment their security operations with electronic security this year for the first time in the history of the 35-year-old event.

Wegman’s brought in the Securitronics Company to secure the event. Owned since 1997 by Jeff Heath and Terry Rivet, Securitronics is an 18-person systems integrator with offices here and in Syracuse and a remote location in Buffalo. Rivet, Securitronics’ EVP, said the bulk of the company’s work is in card access and IP camera installations. It also does some intrusion, intercom and emergency phone work. It focuses on the health care, financial and education verticals across its statewide footprint.

The article goes on to describe the installation, which includes exacqVision servers, Axis Communications IP cameras, and a Fluidmesh 10-node network:

Securitronics leaderboardSecuritronics installed eight Axis cameras, (two thermal cameras, two interior fixed dome cameras and four fixed-position day/night cameras) which were used to watch the delivery area, operations area (where all the maintenance people resided), a carts storage area, the medical area (where drugs were stored), and the expo tent—inside and out.

“The thermal cameras were used in the areas of the golf course that are accessible at all hours and completely dark at night,” explained Mark Robinson, Securitronics director of operations.

The cameras were monitored via an ExacqVision server at a portable mobile security office that was set up in an RV.

Security personnel could watch the video from the security trailer and from a smartphone while onsite or offsite. “This system greatly increased [the security operation’s] eyes on the site,” Rivet said.

The full article can be read here.

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety & Security recognized Wegman’s LPGA for their achievement in security this year at an awards ceremony yesterday at the NCS4 Conference in New Orleans.

"The reason for this new award is to allow professional leagues, NCAA member institutions and amateur organizations to honor outstanding safety and security achievements," NCS4 Director Dr. Lou Marciani said in a statement. "These achievements involve actions above normal operational activities whereby a safety or security issue may have been tackled."

We want to thank Securitronics for their excellence in deploying this security system. Pictures of the Securitronics booth in the registration tent at the event are below.

In the Expo tent at @WegmansLPGA 2011 tournament on Twitpic

In the Expo tent at @WegmansLPGA 2011 tournament on Twitpic