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Street Test: Exacq + Arecont AV8185

One of our primary distributors for China, nnodal, put up an interesting blog post today, experimenting with exacqVision VMS and Arecont panoramic cameras at a busy intersection in the city. They shared some great video footage. Their blog post starts out:

In preparation for an upcoming project we decided to put together a little test scenario involving the exacqvision VMS and an Arecont AV8185 180 degree view 8 megapixel camera.

Our setup on the street
Our setup included an Alienware Laptop running the exacqVision enterprise server & client, an Arecont AV8185 camera mounted on a 3 meter AV stand, a Netgear 8 port POE router, a 5 meter IP cable and power from the nearby flower stand.

Video of the Setup (including lots of interested onlookers)

Here’s a video of what the system was showing us. Forgive the resolution – remember this was compressed once for the screen capture & again when uploaded to VIMEO.

Although the video appears choppy this appears to stem from the 5.5 fps limitation on each of the 4 cameras when running at full 2 megapixel res – 8 megs across the board. In reality the 5.5 fps is plenty fast enough to capture vehicle license plates and other fast-moving objects in the camera’s view. All things being said we were extremely pleased with the performance of the solution – especially considering there was absolutely zero configuration of the cameras prior to shooting the video.

The original-resolution exacqVision video export is here:
http://nnodal.com/sharedfiles/180cam.exe  (350MB)

Below are some screen captures from the video export. Click on each for a larger view:

Using the exacqVision digital zoom, we can clearly read the license plate number:

And again using exacqVision digital zoom:

Other views from the Arecont cameras:

The original nnodal blog post is here. Our thanks to Tony Luce and everyone at nnodal for this interesting experiment.