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exacqVision Integrated with Davantis Video Analytics

exacqVision is now integrated with Davantis perimeter protection solution. Davantis provides a perimeter protection solution for intrusion, loitering,Davantis tampering object removal and stopped vehicle detection. This integration gives users a way to quickly validate video of perimeter detection within one interface.

Users can:

  • Quickly configure cameras and event linking within exacqVision
  • Automate actions to easily view and monitor Davantis alarms including send emails, set alarms, play sounds and PTZ a camera
  • Instantly verify video of perimeter detection events
Davantis Integration

Davantis is certified by United Kingdom’s Home Office as an i-LIDS® approved primary detection system. i-LIDS is the UK Government’s benchmark standard for video analytics technology and is only awarded to products judged to have met the stringent criteria specified by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSBD) for video-based detection system for government use.

exacqVision version 7.4 or later with a current exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license along with Davantis software Daview v166 or later.

Learn more about this integration with Davantis on our video analytics page.

View the integration guide.

exacqVision Case Management Sequence Evidence Export for Easy Investigations

exacqVision Enterprise VMS software gives users the ability to easily organize bookmarks into cases. Also with the case management feature, exacqVision users can export important clips from overlapping time intervals on multiple cameras into a single file to completely show the entire incident occurring in chronological order. This simplifies evidence of an event into one relevant video clip to provide to law enforcement.

For example, if a company was tracking a person of interest from the point they entered a facility, throughout the store and then into the parking lot, they would need to provide one video excerpt of the entire scene from start to finish.

Case Management

Export & Authenticate the Video Evidence Easily

After clipping together all of the video evidence together into one sequence, users can export the clip as an AVI, MOV or JPEG file. Furthermore, users can authenticate the video clip to ensure it is the original evidence and has not been tampered with for law enforcement. Security personnel have a significant role in presenting authentic video evidence. This exacqVision feature gives users a way to easily create authentic videos that will be upheld as evidence in the court of law.

Case Management Example
This sophisticated case management export feature allows exacqVision Enterprise users the ability to consolidate their relevant video evidence into one exportable clip for easier investigations.

View the video to see how it works.