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Tyco AI is an ever evolving, deep learning solution that infuses artificial intelligence into the Tyco security portfolio. Enabled by the powerful algorithms in Tyco AI, object classification, behavior and facial recognition analytics become exponentially faster and more accurate, enabling the industry-leading suite of Tyco’s automation solutions for access control and video surveillance to produce critical and customizable operational intelligence data for nearly any customer application.

According to a Forbes Magazine article, 75% of enterprises are relying on AI-based platforms and solutions for network security today. While not quite as widespread, AI in physical security is beginning to take hold as designers leverage machine learning to perfect AI-enabled security applications, including facial matching solutions.

As you’d expect, there are some important differences amongst the many facial matching offerings available today. While there are certainly more than three, this trifecta of differentiators stands out:


Deep learning technology enables software to differentiate between humans, animals, objects, time of day, and weather conditions, and analytics can help distinguish between normal and suspicious behavior.  When you add human interpretation to assign classification to faces for context,  you achieve faster and more effective responses that are appropriate for each situation.

The Exacq Facial Matching solution lets you register facial images in different classifications (e.g. persons of interest, employees, guests, etc.) vs. a catch-all watch list so you can react appropriately to alerts and deploy the correct personnel.

Better response is a cornerstone of good security. Facial matching solutions must deliver the details that matter wherever you are – not a generic email notification that leaves you guessing about the nature of the alert.


Using Exacq Mobile with Exacq’s Facial Matching solution, you can automatically receive notifications to your mobile device with a visual display of the matched face when a POI event occurs.


Superior situational awareness that drives appropriate responses



Professionals across all kinds of industries including retail, healthcare, finance, etc. are looking to bolster security and efficiency by automating tasks and processes so security personnel can focus on things that add greater value.

Integrating solutions like facial matching with a video management system will hasten deployment, strengthen security and maximize efficiency. With the Exacq Facial Matching solution, facial registration cameras and rules, and facial match alerts are all configured directly in exacqVision VMS for quick deployment as well as easy management.

exacqVision gives you one comprehensive and intuitive management interface


If you are part of the 75% the Forbes article identified as looking for AI-enabled security tools like Facial Matching, you are undoubtedly interested in accuracy and privacy – two areas that have dogged Facial Matching (and AI-solutions in general) for years.


Data accuracy is dependent on data quality, and a big factor in achieving that quality is in the IP cameras you may have already vetted as trusted components of your security system.  While some facial matching systems will work with only select IP cameras, Exacq’s Facial Matching Solution lets you use any compatible IP HD camera and then leverages deep learning to provide reliable and accurate recognition of faces (even with hats or glasses) with minimal false positives.


Privacy concerns are ubiquitous when considering facial matching solutions and there is a perception that widespread adoption will inevitably lead to a loss of privacy. This is where trusted partners with proven compliance programs have a distinct advantage over manufacturers with less established programs and procedures.


As part of Johnson Controls Product Security Program, Exacq solutions are created in a culture focused on cyber resilience and are deployed with dedicated support to help keep customers’ data safe and secure.



If you work in retail loss prevention, or healthcare or finance security, you know all too well the need to quickly and accurately detect and act on incidents that can affect the wellbeing and bottom line of your organization.


The Exacq Facial Matching solution combines the power and accuracy of Tyco AI’s deep learning with the flexibility and robustness of exacqVision VMS to help you enhance and transform your physical security environment.






exacqVision Now Integrates with Tokheim Fuel Point-Of-Sale Solution

TokheimExacq Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce a new integration with Tokheim, a fuel point-of-sale (POS) solution. Tokheim can be integrated with any existing or new exacqVision system.

The Tokheim software seamlessly connects to the existing exacqVision system and passes the electronic point of sale (EPOS) serial data to the exacqVision server. The Tokheim integration takes a snapshot image at the start and completion of fueling at each pump. These images can be sent via ftp to the point-of-sale system. Additionally, the data can be quickly searched and retrieved through the exacqVision video management system (VMS) software to view the relevant, corresponding video for the event. Users can search by receipt, pump number, event or time.

Fuel and retail business end users can use this new integration to better manage their fuel management and security. By installing the Tokheim integration, exacqVision users have another tool in their video security system to minimize forecourt losses through drive-offs and reduce fuel fraud.

Tokheim and exacqVision

Please visit our Integration page to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

Agilence Point of Sale Retail Transaction Logging Integration with exacqVision

We are pleased to announce a new integration with Retail 20/20 from Agilence, Inc.  Retail 20/20 pulls data directly from the POS (point of sale) transaction logs and synchronizes it with the exacqVision VMS software, linking an individual item with its associated video image. Together, Retail 20/20 and exacqVision provide retail loss prevention and operations teams with a single solution to identify operational inefficiencies and reduce fraud.

Agilence Retail 20/20 and exacqVision
Agilence Retail 20/20 Integration With exacqVision


“The integration of Retail 20/20 and our exacqVision VMS will provide customers with a high quality retail analytics solution to improve loss prevention,” said Dave Underwood, President, Exacq Technologies. “We look forward to working with Agilence to offer this innovative POS integration to our customers.”

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

exacqVision integration with Micros 9700 POS System

Micros 9700 integration with exacqVisionWe have just released evMicros, the Micros 9700 HMS Point Of Sale System integration with exacqVision VMS.

The Micros 9700 is a widely used point-of-sale solution in the leisure and entertainment marketplace, and links POS transactions, back office functions, and guest management capabilities. Video surveillance capabilities are included to provide playback of digital video from within the auditing tools.

evMicros.exe, the exacqVision-Micros 9700 integration program, integrates a Windows-based exacqVision system with a Micros 9700 server via the Micros Video Security System Interface. evMicros separates the combined device data from the Micros 9700 server into individual streams for display on the exacqVision system. evMicros runs as a service on the exacqVision system, and each device is configured inside an XML settings file.

evMicros.exe and associated documentation is available for download here.

exacqVision serial-over-IP port setup for Micros 9700

exacqVision integration with Micros 9700 registers