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exacqVision Now Integrates with Percolata

As part of the Connected Partner Program, exacqVision and Percolata are joining forces to offer a powerful integrated solution using data from employees, traffic sensors, marketing calendars, historical information, and video from exacqVision’s VMS to create customized heat mapping and reports.

Percolata’s Forecast as a Service gathers and forecasts shopper traffic and transactions with 4x higher accuracy for retailers using weather forecasts, marketing calendars, and other data via proprietary deep learning technology. Percolata’s cloud-based forecaster reduces inventory and labor costs, while improving both revenue and marketing effectiveness. Easily integrating with exacqVision, this solution can increase conversion rates in retail businesses with a higher precision forecast.

To see the expanded list of features of this integration, read our full integration sales sheet.

exacqVision Now Integrates with MASterMind

As part of the Connected Partner Program, Exacq and MAS Monitoring are joining forces to offer a powerful integrated solution. This integration allows customers to utilize verification services and live video from exacqVision’s Network Video Recorder (NVR) to efficiently receive calls at the monitoring station call center when an event occurs.

MASterMind provides consolidation and integration capabilities for multiple security-related systems, including intrusion, digital video, fire detection, and access control. Its integrated design permits the MASterMind database to become the main repository for all security and compliance-related data throughout the entire system. This centralized management provides an enterprise-wide view of relevant activity across the organizational landscape from a single source.

exacqVision VMS software is incredibly scalable, integrating with more than 4000 IP, analog, or hybrid cameras. Exacq offers network video recording solutions for small-single camera systems to large, complex systems. When exacqVision software records events, these events can be automatically sent to the MAsterMind database where video can be viewed, mapped, and more.

Mastermind includes interfaces and support for common alarm industry receivers and signal format protocols. The MASterMind receiver interface library includes support for over 60 receiver classes and over 100 signal format protocols.

To see the expanded list of integrated features, read our full-integration sales sheet.


V19.06 introduces newly automated and time-saving features that enhance the intuitive functionality that exacqVision is known for. The latest release of exacqVision is firmly grounded in cybersecurity, cloud solutions, unification, and automation – driving the industry forward with solutions that meet critical business needs.

exacqVision v19.06 Feature Highlights

Save administrative time with automated video transfer

Data accessibility is crucial, and the latest version of exacqVision delivers more robust failure management for Enterprise Manager customers by automating video transfer in the event of a server failover.  This saves significant time for administrators, and provides accessibility to video when it matters most.

Respond faster with dynamic access control from exacqVision

With the release of v19.06, exacqVision offers a dynamic integration with C•CURE 9000, where users can control door actions in Live mode, use metadata to search video, and trigger actions from control panel information at no additional cost.


Mobile connectivity, simplified and cybersecure

With cybersecurity and scalable technology top-of-mind, Exacq has introduced a cloud-hosted web relay service to connect mobile app users to video without any inbound connectivity to the NVR. NVRs with an active Software Subscription Agreement (SSA) will receive unlimited cloud relay connectivity.  NVRs without an active SSA will receive cloud relay connectivity with limited resolutions suitable for mobile devices.  This provides easy access to video while ensuring sites remain cyber-resilient.


Ensure critical recordings are stored in exacqVision with ONVIF support

Knowing video is still recording even when the network is down or the NVR is offline offers peace of mind and ensures critical surveillance video is not lost. Now exacqVision can retrieve video recorded on the camera from selected and tested ONVIF Profile G-conformant cameras after a network connection has been re-established.  Video recorded to a camera’s SD card is automatically pulled to the exacqVision server and integrated into the recording timeline. Users can take advantage of this feature for both free-run recording or event-based recording.


Fine-tune motion zone and sensitivity settings for Illustra camera users

exacqVision v19.06 offers enriched motion configuration settings for Illustra camera users, now allowing the configuration of up to three motion zones, each with its own motion mask and sensitivity.



Tapping into the power of Exacq’s enterprise level video security features just got a whole lot easier with the launch of the new EM-Series hardware platform dedicated to running Enterprise Manager software, which is now an integrated part of the exacqVision Enterprise edition VMS.

Through an intuitive dashboard, the Enterprise Manager provides ready access to enhanced health monitoring, user management, administration of software updates, high-availability capabilities and much more. The powerful combination of EM-Series servers running Enterprise Manager simplifies management of exacqVision VMS software and provides customers with the features that are indispensable in distributed enterprise environments.

exacqVision Enterprise Management:

Enterprise Manager: An Integrated Part of exacqVision Enterprise

  • Advanced user management significantly reduces administration time and error
  • System health monitoring ensures proactive response to potential issues
  • Dynamic client connection management streamlines user experience
  • Camera inspection workflow ensures safety and compliance
  • Scheduled version updates and configuration backups help avoid prolonged downtime


exacqVision EM-Series Servers: Robust, Performant Platform for Large-Scale Deployments

  • Specifically designed to run Enterprise Manager software
  • Monitor and manage up to 2,000 exacqVision recorders
  • RAID 6, redundant power supply, and enterprise-class hard disk drives
  • Enterprise friendly operating systems
  • Safeguard against cyber attacks across devices


Enterprise Manager:
An Integrated Part of exacqVision Enterprise

Advanced User Management Significantly Reduces Administration Time and Error

Manage by logical groups

Large enterprises often have complex organizational memberships – employees who work in various departments, contractors who shift between jobs, etc.  Enterprise Manager streamlines the administrative process by letting you define logical groups and associate users and NVRs to those groups.

Build hierarchies to easily cascade user roles

Administrators can now define how organizational groups are related to one another in hierarchies. This allows them to quickly assign NVRs and users to a group and its sub-groups, while also providing the ability to configure exceptions to group memberships that will cascade throughout the hierarchy to ensure consistency across the enterprise.

Expedite deployments by defining camera and device permissions from one screen

From a single screen, an administrator can leverage dynamic filtering of camera names to define users’ roles to specific cameras that span multiple NVRs. For enterprises with dozens or hundreds of NVRs, this saves a significant amount of time over navigating to each individual NVR to define the specific camera restrictions.


System Health Monitoring Ensures Proactive Response to Potential Issues

Intuitive dashboards and detailed reports improve response to ensure continual uptime

Enterprise Manager dashboards shows healthy, warning and error status for all cameras and NVRs at-a-glance, to ensure the fastest response to service issues and avoid down time. Detailed reports that show graphs of event trends, SSA status, network identification, and overall system health help security teams more quickly identify NVRs or cameras in need of service.

Customizable, push-driven notifications free up time and help avoid missed events

Quickly and easily set up natural language notification rules for any of 30+ events on specific cameras or NVRs for individual people or groups. From one screen, Enterprise Manager lets you easily create these event links and email profiles, and provides “lasts at least…” rules to ensure noisy systems do not generate too many events.

Dynamic Client Connection Management Streamlines the User Experience

Automatically synchronize permissions with camera access for faster connectivity

Enterprise Manager eliminates the manual process of granting camera access to a user who has been given permissions on a new NVR. By dynamically leveraging the user’s global credentials, Enterprise Manager provides faster connectivity to NVRs.

Support for Active Directory and LDAP for single sign-on

To increase security and compliance, more businesses are using single sign-on throughout their enterprise. Enterprise Manager helps perpetuate this by dynamically authenticating domain credentials via single sign-on for the client, eliminating the need for users to type in usernames and passwords.

Camera Inspection Workflow Ensures Safety and Compliance

Ensure camera scene quality with workflow-driven reviews

Enterprise Manager can capture reference images for every camera and provide review workflows to compare the current scene to the reference scene.  Scenes that don’t meet the quality of the reference image can be marked for technician follow-up.  Easily filter reviews by last review date, camera name and other criteria to help segment image reviews of large environments.

Avoid Prolonged Downtime with Configuration Backups and Version Updates

Manual and scheduled backups

The Enterprise Manager supports manual and scheduled backup of NVR configurations to enable faster recovery of security operations and improve safety.  Once backed up, configuration files can be restored if unwanted configuration changes are made.  With multiple backups, recovery from un-intended configuration changes is also possible.

Easily schedule version updates

Admins can also use Enterprise Manager to easily schedule software updates across the environment – either caching the update for NVRs to pull from, or having the NVRs pull directly from exacq.com.  Enterprise Manager can also push notifications to clients to prompt users to update their client version to ensure they have the very latest enhancements and fixes to ensure optimal operation.


exacqVision EM-Series Servers
Robust, Performant Platform for Large-Scale Deployments


Built for Performance, Redundancy and Easy Maintenance

Specifically designed to run Enterprise Manager software

exacqVision EM-Series servers were specifically designed and qualified to run the Enterprise Manager software, which is pre-loaded and configured to ensure a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

Monitor and manage up to 2,000 exacqVision recorders

The exacqVision EM-Series servers offer large-scale deployments a robust, performant platform to monitor and manage up to 2,000 exacqVision Enterprise recorders.

RAID 6, redundant power supply, and enterprise-class hard disk drives provide continuity

Losing data on a video security system can be frustrating and costly. The EM-Series is an enterprise-class server complete with RAID 6, redundant power supply, and front-loading hard disk drives that make it easy to service.


Enterprise friendly operating systems

EM-Series servers ship with Windows Server 2016 or Ubuntu Linux 18.04 to satisfy the technology, security and compliance requirements of an enterprise IT department.


Safeguard against cyber attacks across devices

exacqVision EM-Series have been designed to be resilient against cyber-threats. This solution includes role based access control that allows administrators to restrict access to functions by user role. Safeguard controls include an enhanced security mode which forces the use of complex, non-default passwords and encrypted communications. EM Series adheres to the rigorous standards of the Tyco Cyber Protection Product Security Program. The holistic approach to cyber protection is aimed at providing peace of mind to our customers. Our security mindset begins at initial design concept and is supported through deployment, including a rapid incident response to meet the comprehensive and evolving cybersecurity environments.


exacqVision v19.03 is the latest version of the popular VMS software known for its intuitive feature set and simple configuration and maintenance. The features introduced in this latest version provide users with greater flexibility and freedom for business-optimizing results.

exacqVision v19.03 Feature Highlights:

Respond More Quickly to Security Events

    • Enhanced map linking and navigation provides much-needed control and oversight
    • Advanced camera on-screen display configuration can save valuable time


Protect Video and Ensure Undisrupted Operations

    • Continuous recording with Hanwha cameras maintains system uptime
    • Improved failover experience for faster recovery


Feature Details:

Respond More Quickly to Security Events

Enhanced map linking and navigation provides much-needed control and oversight

Enterprise users can now more quickly navigate multiple maps of their facility – easily linking parent maps, child maps to parent maps, and vice versa. This provides much-needed control and oversight to security operators who need to respond quickly to security events, no matter where they occur.


Advanced camera on-screen display configuration can save valuable time

exacqVision users can now customize their cameras’ on-screen display (OSD) to show useful information such as city, state, asset tag or a custom description of the camera. This can save costly time spent searching for cameras that need maintenance, as well as help identify precisely which camera may have recorded critical video. Messages can be displayed on multiple lines in various font colors and text styles to help indicate levels of urgency or categories of information.


Protect Video and Ensure Undisrupted Operations

Continuous recording with Hanwha cameras

exacqVision now supports direct SD video recording capabilities with Hanwha cameras. When connectivity between supported cameras and an exacqVision NVR fails, video records directly onto the camera’s SD card. Once connectivity is re-established, recorded video transfers back to the exacqVision NVR and is automatically stored at the correct date and time. This continuous ‘uptime’ offers peace of mind to customers who use Hanwha cameras to maintain a safe work environment

Improved failover experience for faster recovery

In the event of a server failover, the exacqVision Client saves the user’s Live settings and dynamically switches live video from the failed primary server to the spare server. This includes video and audio, serial data, Maps, Groups, Views, and Event Monitoring profiles. Enterprise customers can set up automatic failover with an Enterprise Manager license and a properly licensed spare server, or they can set up manual failover with just an Enterprise license.

This release also adds faster detection of NVR failure with Enterprise Manager, signficantly cutting the detection time from 30-240 seconds to 5-20 seconds.


As a leader in video solutions, Exacq recognizes that many customers are turning to cloud solutions to provide an offsite copy of video that ensures protection against natural disasters, theft and other events while reducing capital expenses and increasing accessibility. exacqVision Cloud Drive storage helps security and IT teams lower their Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating some of the unnecessary hardware costs and management of storage infrastructure.

Feature Highlights:

  • Securely store and search video in the cloud
  • Search video using exacqVision Client or Exacq Mobile
  • Allocate cloud storage across cameras on an NVR
  • Annual subscriptions purchased through distribution

Feature Details:

Securely Store and Search Video in the Cloud

exacqVision Professional and Enterprise customers can now archive event video and bookmarks to the cloud, and retrieve it from any device with an Internet connection. This allows them to augment their local storage solution with cloud storage, or create an offsite copy of critical video to ensure it is protected against natural disasters, theft and other site-specific events. Video stored in the cloud is always encrypted, ensuring that only the customer can access video stored there.

Search Video using exacqVision Client or Exacq Mobile

No special settings are required to find your video, regardless of whether it exists on local storage or cloud storage. Video in exacqVision Cloud Drive is seamlessly accessible through the exacqVision Client or via Exacq Mobile for iOS and Android operating systems.

Allocate Cloud Storage across Cameras on an NVR

Purchase a subscription by the number of days you wish to retain video and configure one or more cameras on an NVR to send event video to the cloud. Unlike some cloud video providers, Exacq doesn’t restrict subscriptions to individual cameras.

Annual Subscriptions Purchased through Distribution

Annual subscriptions for exacqVision Cloud Drive storage are available for exacqVision Professional and Enterprise customers and can easily be purchased through channel distribution partners.


Having access to the massive amount of data that is generated by surveillance cameras and security systems is only part of the equation; understanding and reacting to that data is the most effective way to keep employees, visitors, and assets protected. exacqVision 9.6 allows users to harness the power of their data with reporting capabilities that provide unprecedented event insight. The latest version also provides important new features and integrations that ensure continuous surveillance and an even more intuitive user experience.  

v9.6 Feature Highlights: 

Complete Security to More Effectively Protect People and Property 

  • Visualization of data and trends provides actionable insight  
  • Integration with DMP intrusion panels offers more options for complete security solution

Ensure Undisrupted Security  

  • Continuous recording with Axis cameras, even in network loss 
  • Encrypted video streams from Axis and Samsung cameras  


More Intuitive, Global Experience 

  • Select Default Client Language 


Feature Details: 

Complete Security to More Effectively Protect People and Property 

Visualization of data and trends provides actionable insight  

A new Report Mode option within the exacqVision Search page gives users the ability to interpret events captured by the VMS and make more effective business decisions based on potential trends. By better visualizing analytic, recording, and event data, security operators can more efficiently evaluate and respond to events such as aberrant ‘door open’ alarms in restricted areas or unusually high numbers of motion detected events for a certain camera. This insight provides the high level of awareness required to mitigate potentially dangerous trends.  Data sets are also exportable in a CSV format and can be imported into other BI applications, which means users aren’t limited to analyzing data solely within exacqVision.g 


New integration with DMP intrusion panels strengthens exacqVision as a complete security solution 

exacqVision now integrates with DMP intrusion panels, giving users more options to build their complete security solution. By leveraging this powerful integration, users can arm, disarm, and bypass zones and partitions from the exacqVision client, as well as use DMP alarms to trigger other events within exacqVision. The ability to seamlessly execute arm/disarm actions vs. simply receiving alarm system events is an important distinction from other VMS systems’ intrusion integrations, and allows customers to better protect their businesses.   


Ensure Undisrupted Security  

Continuous recording with Axis cameras, even in network loss 

exacqVision 9.6 now supports direct SD video recording capabilities with Axis cameras, minimizing lost video due to unexpected network or NVR outage.  With this feature enabled in Axis cameras, motion events are always recording to the SD card.  If connection is lost between the camera and NVR, the video that was recorded during that time will transfer back to the exacqVision NVR upon reconnection and is automatically stored at the correct date and time. This offers peace of mind to customers who use one of the industry’s most popular camera lines to maintain a safe and compliant work environment. 


Encrypted video streams from Axis and Samsung cameras  

The growing complexity and interconnectivity of security systems has driven the need for more secure communication between cameras and video servers, and exacqVision 9.6 now offers an optional feature to encrypt the video streams from Axis and Samsung cameras to the video server. Encrypting the video stream ensures data can only be interpreted by the server itself, meaning any third-party that intercepts this stream is unable to decrypt or make use of this data in any way. This additional layer of security offers the cyber protection necessary to keep a customer’s system continually secured. 

More Intuitive, Global Experience   

Select Default Client Language  

Already known to be an intuitive VMS, exacqVision 9.6 further simplifies the experience by allowing users to specify the language they want the exacqVision Client to display in, as well as easily switch languages without requiring complicated changes to the computer settings. Not only does this eliminate tedious and error-prone processes for the user, it simplifies region-specific installation and support for integrators.   


JUNE 15, 2018
Today’s networked video surveillance systems face risks in many ways: from nefarious hackers focused on creating massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, but also from the more innocuous practice of poor password management. With Cybersecurity top of mind, exacqVision 9.4 offers additional protections to safeguard against threats to video management systems.  

v9.4 Feature Highlights: 

Keeping Security Teams Hyper-Aware 

  • Avoids lost video due to network outage by retrieving video recorded on Illustra IP cameras 
  • Event monitoring lockdown mode  


Stricter Password Requirements for Stronger Cybersecurity 

  • Force admin password change on new exacqVision installations  
  • Prevent the use of common passwords  
  • Enhancements to secure password storage  


Easier to Use, More Secure Enterprise System Manager  

  • Save time by automatically propagating privileges to ESM groups 
  • 64-bit release provides access to full hardware capabilities 
  • Stricter password settings and better protected user sessions enhance EMS security  
  • LDAP performance improvements 


Additional 3rd Party Solution Support 

  • ONVIF Plug-in enhancements  


Feature Details: 

Keeping Security Teams Hyper-Aware 

Avoids lost video due to network outage by retrieving video recorded on Illustra IP cameras  

exacqVision supports innovative technology with Illustra IP cameras, to provide camera-NVR connectivity that protects against video loss. When connectivity between Illustra cameras and an exacqVision NVR fails, video records directly onto the camera’s SD card. Once connectivity is reestablished, recorded video trickles back to the exacqVision NVR and is automatically stored at the correct date and time.  


Event Monitor lockdown mode keeps critical info front and center 

Out of sight, out of mind. This is definitely not a phrase that has any place in a business focused on the safety and well-being of its people and critical assets. That’s why we’ve created a lockdown mode for the exacqVision Event Monitor which ensures important notifications can’t be missed by closing the event monitor and are immediately seen by system users so appropriate action can be taken. 

Stricter Password Requirements for Stronger Cybersecurity 

Requires admin password change on new exacqVision installations  

Proper password management isn’t always intuitive, and sometimes password tools and policies are necessary to enforce best practices for creating and protecting passwords. Each exacqVision release includes stronger cyber protections to safeguard your video ecosystem.  As of exacqVision 9.4, users will be required to change the admin password on all new software installations, eliminating default passwords for the admin account. This will help prevent unauthorized access to the VMS and keep data safe and your company’s reputation intact.  

Prevents the use of common passwords  

Analysts estimate that some 50% of people on the Internet are still using the same password or an easily guessed, common password for all of their logins. These are some of the riskiest things you can do online, and certainly perilous for anyone managing a video security system. Cyber-attackers routinely use brute force attack programs to rapidly try hundreds or even thousands of common passwords to gain access to a system. 

To help protect the system from brute force attacks, exacqVision 9.4 introduces a mechanism that requires users to select a password that is harder for a computer algorithm to guess. Preventing users from choosing common passwords ensures the system is kept safe from unauthorized access. 

Enhancements to secure password storage  

Exacq has always prevented passwords from appearing as plain text in its configuration files, but exacqVision 9.4 introduces a more secure way to store passwords in these files. Passwords are now stored using a secure, machine-specific algorithm. This means that even if an attacker is able to break the algorithm and figure out a user’s password, he or she will only gain access to one set of credentials, as each file uses its own algorithm. 


Easier to Use, More Secure Enterprise System Manager (ESM) 

Save time by automatically propagating privileges to ESM groups 

ESM has always allowed you to assign different privileges for a particular user to individual ESM groups.  However, manually assigning these privileges to each of the groups available was often time-consuming and prone to error. 

The latest release of ESM automatically propagates a user’s server privileges to all the child groups of a parent group. For example, if a user is assigned “Live Only” access in parent group B, those privileges can be automatically propagated to all child groups of that parent group. This saves a significant amount of admin time and greatly reduces the chance of data entry error.  

64-bit release provides access to full hardware capabilities 

Until now, the ESM installer has only been available in the 32-bit version, which limited the utilization of hardware capabilities. Today’s 5.8 release allows you to fully utilize the 64-bit processor and higher memory capacity of performance-built servers.  

The release has been verified on a wide range of operating systems, including the latest Windows Server 2016 and newest Ubuntu 18.04. Existing users can easily upgrade from a 32-bit software with the installer doing all the heavy lifting in the background for a seamless transition. 

Stricter password settings and better protected user sessions enhance ESM security 

This latest release contains several security related enhancements and preventative safeguards designed to keep the software safe from external threats. 

Starting with this release, the installer will not have a default password for the admin user and, instead, will require the password be set at install time. This step not only prevents an inadvertent open door to the system, but also averts brute force attacks by enforcing password complexity rules. 

Other enhancements include better protection of user session information, and the prevention of unintended execution of programs and cross-site scripting attacks, all painstakingly designed to mitigate attacks and security vulnerabilities. 

Better LDAP integration accelerates browsing of directories 

ESM users frequently integrate with LDAP or Active Directory to simplify user management – importing users from existing directories and allowing centralized authorization in an Enterprise setting. 

The latest release improves the integration by caching results and optimizing queries, resulting in accelerated browsing of huge LDAP directories and a vastly improved user experience. 

Additional 3rd Party Camera Options 

ONVIF Plugin enhancements 

exacqVision 9.4 introduces enhancements to our ONVIF plugin which improves video quality and reduces camera jitter. These changes provide end users with enhanced and uniform time-stamping capabilities for video, audio, and metadata on both the server and camera, leading to a much smoother user experience. 


Easy-to-use, easy-to-install. exacqVision has owned that mindset for decades, and version 9.2 continues driving forward with innovative features that let customers configure and customize the system exactly the way that works best for them while providing strong security features to protect against cyber-attacks.

v9.2 Feature Highlights:

Customization Helps Drive Better Situation Awareness

  • Enhanced video wall configuration
  • Push search results to other workstations
  • Custom icons for camera associations
  • Event monitoring support for inbound audio
  • Alarm for camera not recording

User-Centered Enhancements Improve the Experience

  • Admins can require/allow users to change passwords
  • Improved login experience for access schedule restrictions
  • Support for non-complex passphrases
  • Add version number to system usage pane

A Better Web and Mobile Experience

  • Cybersecurity enhancements
  • Save bandwidth with inactivity timeout
  • Prevent the device from sleeping while video is actively playing

ESM and exacqCloud Advances

  • Event alarm for camera not recording
  • Scheduled configuration backups
  • Test email in user’s page
  • Intrusion integration health alarms
  • Enabled enhanced password security from ESM & exacqCloud

Additional 3rd Party Solution Support

  • Dahua H.265
  • Samsung multi-sensor cameras
  • ONVIF auxiliary commands


Feature Details:

Customization Helps Drive Better Situation Awareness  

Enhanced video wall configuration

A video wall provides a powerful way to improve incident awareness and reaction time.  When operators can configure video wall layouts in a way that works best for them, it stands to reason that they will respond to incidents more quickly.

The latest exacqVision release empowers users to create a fully customized layout with a simple click and drag of a mouse, even re-sizing the layout to perfect the view.  Create a command and control center by pushing your customized video wall or multiple video walls to an array of monitors.

Push search results to other workstations

In a quickly developing situation, collaboration is often the key to fast and safe resolution.

Enhancements to exacqVision’s VideoPush feature let operators quickly conduct investigations and then send, or “push”, that video to another user’s screen or spot monitor with the click of the mouse. This instant sharing of video search results can save critical seconds when every guard location needs to be aware of who or what they are looking for.

Custom icons for camera associations

Information that is delivered in a meaningful way is the best way to ensure a fast response.

In v9.2, users can now upload their own custom icons for video overlay status or to show controls for cameras and other third-party integrations.  For example, a dollar sign icon could be used with a POS integration to indicate a transaction over a certain dollar amount, or a “No Entry” icon could be used to indicate when an object has crossed into a restricted area.   These cues are critical for operators who spend hours viewing video and need to quickly understand and react to real-time information.


Event Monitoring support for inbound audio

Two-way audio is an important and convenient way to ensure security in many applications; for example, a receptionist communicating with guests through an intercom, or a security officer providing instructions to employees trying to access unauthorized areas.

exacqVision now supports inbound audio from cameras, intercoms, and other integrations through Event Monitoring, making two-way audio simple to set up.

Camera not recording? Now you’ll know.

In small installations, it’s fairly easy to see that all cameras are recording as they should. However, when your installation includes hundreds of cameras across multiple servers, it is more complex.

exacqVision 9.2 solves this problem by allowing users to easily configure alarms for a camera that isn’t recording. For example, a user can set an email notification to be sent whenever a particular camera has gone ten minutes without recording video. This allows security to avoid costly business disruption by proactively resolving configuration issues to ensure all video is being recorded as expected.

User-Centered Enhancements Improve the Experience

Admins can require/allow users to change passwords

Cybersecurity best practices dictate that passwords should never be shared, and that certainly applies to the video management system.

exacqVision 9.2 now puts the password responsibility where it belongs; administrators can either permit users to change their passwords whenever they want, or require that users change passwords after a defined amount of time. Available for all servers that have enabled enhanced password strengthening, either option prevents the administrator from discovering the user’s password.

Improved login experience for access schedule restrictions

When a user is denied access and not provided a clear reason, it can be frustrating.  For exacqVision users on a restricted access schedule, the generic “invalid login” message they would receive was particularly trying.

Always focused on the user, exacqVision 9.2 significantly improves that experience. Now, the exacqVision client will tell the user their login failed due to a user schedule if they attempted to log in outside of their schedule.  The client will then attempt to connect every minute until the user’s scheduled start time, making the login process much more intuitive.

Support for non-complex passphrases

Another cybersecurity best practice is to require users to choose passwords which contain a number, capital letter, and a symbol. While this is a great way to protect user credentials, remembering these complex passwords can be a challenge.

With exacqVision 9.2, users can now choose to create a longer passphrase (e.g. RedJeepsAreBest!) instead of a shorter complex password (e.g. Uvv*147!xy). These longer passphrases tend to be easier to remember and make the login experience more intuitive, while still keeping credentials safe.


Add version number to system usage pane

It can be a challenge for administrators to ensure all exacqVision users are using the most updated software versions. exacqVision 9.2 simplifies this process by adding the client version to the System Information page for each user on a server. Now, administrators can save time by checking for outdated software by simply scanning a list of users for each server.

A Better Web and Mobile Experience

Enforce cybersecurity by disabling autocomplete in forms and provide the option to factory-reset web service

As part of our continued focus on cybersecurity, exacqVision 9.2 introduces security enhancements to the Exacq mobile app and web client. These include disabling autocomplete in forms and the option to factory reset the web service, which clears all generated keys and database information.

Any time a form autocompletes with information that’s already been entered (usernames, IP addresses, etc.), it makes a potential hacker’s job easier. Wiping information such as IP addresses and user names adds an extra layer of protection and makes it very difficult for hackers and unauthorized users to steal critical information and access company systems.

Save bandwidth by timing out screens during inactivity

To save bandwidth, exacqVision 9.2 now provides the option to timeout video panels when the web client or mobile app hasn’t been interacted with for a specified amount of time. This can save significant network bandwidth, and also ensures your devices are secured when they are not actively being used.

Uninterrupted live display of video on a mobile device

Using Exacq Mobile to view live and recorded video from up to 48 cameras on your mobile device can be a huge productivity saver.  Using a mobile device as an extra display at your work station can add to your overall awareness and allow you to take Exacq with you when investigating an incident.  However, when the device “goes to sleep” because you haven’t interacted with it, those lost moments of surveillance can leave you feeling a bit vulnerable.

The latest release of Exacq Mobile allows you to continuously play video from your mobile device without having to periodically interact with it to prevent it from sleeping.

In addition, the redesigned Views page makes the experience much more intuitive for mobile users.  Available views are now fully displayed on the screen instead of organized in nested menus, and layout diagrams have been added to allow users to quickly identify the right view. In addition, a full list of a view’s included cameras can be displayed by a simple long press, making it easy to identify appropriate cameras.

ESM and exacqCloud Advances

Proactively address cameras not recording

Enterprise System Manager (ESM) helps to maximize the uptime of exacqVision Enterprise recorders. Its intuitive health monitoring dashboard provides continuous system health information, and immediately notifies you of system errors and warnings such as camera disconnected or video loss.

The newest release of ESM adds critical notifications if a camera unexpectedly stops recording video because the camera’s motion configuration was altered, the recording schedule was modified, or other similar scenarios.

ESM provides a rules-based interface to set up alerts and email notifications if a camera has not been recording for a specified duration. These alerts allow an integrator to proactively address camera configuration issues before they become a problem.


Scheduled configuration backups to save time and prevent errors

Sometimes reverting to a working configuration of an exacqVision Server is a quick and safe way to get a customer’s system functioning again.

The latest release of ESM provides an intuitive and flexible way to set up and schedule configuration backups. The flexible scheduling feature allows for daily, weekly and monthly backups which not only helps with fixing broken systems, but provides peace of mind to administrators when making configuration changes in ESM.


Test email in user’s page

ESM has always supported email notifications by allowing the administrator to set up the email configuration with individual addresses. However, there was no way to validate whether those addresses were correct. With the latest release of ESM, email addresses can be quickly verified with the click of a mouse.

Intrusion integration health alarms

Intrusion panels are a key security ingredient for many customers, and ensuring they are always operational is critical to providing a secure environment.

The latest version of ESM allows users to configure rules based on important health data from intrusion panels, such as “low battery”, to proactively identify and fix issues before they affect security.


Enhanced password protection enabled from ESM and exacqCloud

ESM and exacqCloud can now be used to easily turn on the enhanced password security feature that was introduced in exacqVision 9.0 for multiple servers. This feature helps protect users from “man-in-the-middle” and “client masquerading” attacks through the use of key strengthening and augmented password authentication.


Additional 3rd Party Camera Options

  • Dahua H.265
  • Samsung multi-channel cameras
  • ONVIF auxiliary commands


exacqVision 9.0 Feature Highlights:
  • Keep Your System Safe and Up-to-date
    • Incorporated health alarms from intrusion panels
    • System automatically checks for server software updates
  • Faster Identification and Mitigation of Events using Video Analytics
    • Integration with Illustra video analytics provides critical event notification
    • Integration with Axis Perimeter Defender and Axis VMD4 Video Motion Detection
  • Better Admin Control of User Groups
    • Greater control over user group ‘live’ and ‘search’ privileges
    • Assign users to multiple groups, each with different privileges in Enterprise System Manager (ESM)
  • Simplified Camera Configuration
    • Improvements to UI layout input and output configuration menus adding new data fields for visual clarification
  • Web and Mobile Improvements
    • Time-saving backup/restore settings for exacqMobile
    • Improved user experience with camera associations on mobile device
    • More secure, redesigned exacqVision web service
  • Additional 3rd Party Solution Options
    • Iris and focus control for ONVIF PTZ cameras and encoders
    • Bosch and Northern added to plugin dropdown menu
    • Edge camera support for Artpec-6 cameras
    • Support for Kantech v7.3 with Windows 10
    • H.265 support for Panasonic
    • Support HTTPS Configuration for ACTI
    • Added Client-Side Dewarping for HIKVISION and Panasonic

Feature Details:

Keep Your System Safe and Up-to-date

Incorporate health alarms from intrusion panels

In addition to displaying standard access control and intrusion alarms (e.g. zone bypassed, panel armed, etc.), exacqVision now captures panels and controller health alarms such as low battery, power loss, and keypad tampering. These events can trigger actions within exacqVision and roll-up to ESM or exacqCloud health monitoring solutions to identify issues before they affect an organization’s security infrastructure.

Automatically checks for server updates

exacqVision now checks for automatic server-side updates, expanding upon its existing ability for client-side updates. Once users opt into this feature, exacqVision will automatically notify them when client or server updates are available for download, ensuring their system is always kept up-to-date.

Faster Identification and Mitigation of Events

Integration with Illustra video analytics provides critical event notification

Users of analytics-enabled Illustra Pro cameras can now see visible boxes around analytic event triggers and search on specific metadata associated with analytic events. Visible bounding boxes make the triggering event easy to identify and are visible in both the Live and Search pages of the exacqVision client.  When searching analytic events, the user can now further review analytic event results by drawing specific areas of the scene to filter results.  These analytic enhancements allow for faster identification of triggering events and faster searching of past events generated from Illustra Pro cameras.

Illustra Analytics

Integration with Axis Perimeter Defender and Video Motion Detection

exacqVision now integrates with Axis Perimeter Defender which allows users to monitor large areas based on object behavior such as loitering and conditional zone crossing (e.g. when an object enters one zone without first passing through another zone). The integration can trigger actions within the exacqVision VMS, such as video recording or sending email notifications when a perimeter event occurs.

In addition, exacqVision now supports Video Motion Detection 4 (VMD4) on Axis cameras, which sends alerts when motion is detected.   This new camera support is set to record based on movement, reducing storage and bandwidth usage.

Better Administrator Control

Greater control over user group ‘live’ and ‘search’ privileges

User Group Settings

Admin users can now define ‘live’ and ‘search’ user group privileges individually per camera for greater control. They can grant a user live access to a specific camera, but restrict the same user from searching recorded video.  This capability ensures that surveillance video is only viewed by appropriate exacqVision users.

Assign users to multiple groups, each with different privileges in Enterprise System Manager (ESM)

In the latest version of ESM (5.4), users can be assigned to multiple groups, each with different privileges. This improvement addresses the requirements of large organizations, who often need to assign users to multiple groups of separate servers.

Simplified Camera Configuration

Improvements to input and output configuration menus

The user experience of configuring audio, trigger, and alarm inputs and outputs has been improved with the release of exacqVision 9.0. In previous versions, these inputs and outputs were grouped together in the client and gave users little information regarding the devices each was associated with. Now, not only is this information provided in a grid format for better organization, but it also includes helpful device information like camera name, model, and MAC address.  A critical time-saving enhancement to exacqVision.

Audio Options

Web and Mobile Improvements

Time-saving backup/restore settings for Exacq Mobile
It has always been easy to add servers to an Exacq Mobile configuration, but this process can become time-consuming when dozens or hundreds of servers need to be added to many mobile devices. With Exacq Mobile 9.0, you can create a backup of a mobile configuration, save it to a cloud destination, and restore it on any number of mobile devices, greatly reducing the time required to configure the app on mobile devices.

Improved user experience with camera associations on mobile device

exacqVision 9.0 improves the way users access different camera associations on a mobile device. A new overflow menu prevents too many associations from taking up the entire screen, and a new wheel menu allows users to more intuitively interact with associations.

Mobile Image


More secure, redesigned exacqVision web service

exacqVision web services no longer installs a 3rd party webserver and now uses an embedded webserver within the exacqVision web service.  The new web service is more secure and will automatically get updated every quarter as part of the remote update, whereas Apache was not automatically updated when you updated the web service.  This makes managing system updates easier for administrators and helps to ensure the latest version of software is running on your exacqVision web servers.

Additional 3rd Party Camera Options
  • Iris and focus control in exacqVision for Axis, Hikvision, Illustra, and ONVIF IP cameras
  • ACTi event notification with separate socket connection
  • Bosch and Northern added to plugin dropdown menu
  • Edge camera support for Artpec-6 cameras
  • Support for Kantech v7.3 with Windows 10
  • H.265 support for Panasonic
  • Support HTTPS configuration for ACTi
  • Added client-side dewarping for HIKVISION and Panasonic