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exacqVision Version 2.3 Released Today

exacqVision Version 2.3 was released today.  This is a fairly substantial update, incorporating new camera support, new features, the DST patch, and numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes. Both the exacqVision Client and the exacqVision Server have been updated to Version 2.3, and the documentation has been updated as well.  Highlights of this release include:

New IP Camera Support – ACTi and Panasonic IP cameras are now supported, joining Axis, IQeye, Sony and others.

New IP Camera Finder – An automatic IP Camera Finder is now built into exacqVision.  It will scan a network, report back on the cameras found, and automatically add the ones you select into the system.  This makes adding IP cameras about as plug-and-play as you can get.  And with exacqVision, there is no per-camera licensing issues, no camera MAC address entry required, no DLKs needed to make it work.  exacqVision makes working with IP cameras very easy.

DST PatchexacqVision Version 2.3 incorporates the necessary patch to correct for the new Daylight Savings Times that will occur in 2007.

Search Enhancements – Significant tweaks in exacqVision Search for better performance and more intuitive interaction. Greater reliability for very large video exports, more interactive user feedback during video export process, and more.

exacqVision Version 2.3 client and server can be installed easily and quickly on top of any existing version without affecting any settings or user parameters.  Version 2.3 client, server, and User Manual are all available on our Downloads page.