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exacqVision Integrates with Brickstream LIVE for Advanced Loss Protection and Retail Analytics

NOMiexacqVision is now integrated with the Brickstream® LIVE sensor from NOMi, a dominant in-store marketing and analytics provider, for a unified security and retail analytics solution in a single platform.

The new Brickstream LIVE sensor uses stereo vision analytics to provide highly accurate and anonymous information about how people move into, around and out of physical places such as stores, venues, hospitals and more.

BrickStream 3D Device

This solution combines exacqVision video with data from the Brickstream LIVE sensor for advanced loss prevention and retail analytics without the need or expense of deploying multiple systems. Users can create event linking actions, line masks and rules through exacqVision. The associated video related to behavior actions within one interface offers visual verification. Together, the exacqVision and NOMi integration reduces investigation time, aids to better identify instances of potential theft, improves customer service, optimizes employee and visitor experiences and ultimately increases revenue.

exacqVision Search

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.6 or later, an exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license, Brickstream firmware or later.

For more information on this exacqVision integration and other new updates and offerings, go to www.exacq.com.

exacqVision integration with Micros 9700 POS System

Micros 9700 integration with exacqVisionWe have just released evMicros, the Micros 9700 HMS Point Of Sale System integration with exacqVision VMS.

The Micros 9700 is a widely used point-of-sale solution in the leisure and entertainment marketplace, and links POS transactions, back office functions, and guest management capabilities. Video surveillance capabilities are included to provide playback of digital video from within the auditing tools.

evMicros.exe, the exacqVision-Micros 9700 integration program, integrates a Windows-based exacqVision system with a Micros 9700 server via the Micros Video Security System Interface. evMicros separates the combined device data from the Micros 9700 server into individual streams for display on the exacqVision system. evMicros runs as a service on the exacqVision system, and each device is configured inside an XML settings file.

evMicros.exe and associated documentation is available for download here.

exacqVision serial-over-IP port setup for Micros 9700

exacqVision integration with Micros 9700 registers

At Butiksleverantör in Stockholm with Gate Security

Gate SecurityKarlstad, Sweden-based Gate Security AB specializes in physical security, access control and video surveillance systems for the retail market, and had a booth at Butiksleverantör, the largest retail trade fair in Sweden, held earlier this week at the new Kista Expo Center in Stockholm.

Thomas Rasi, Marketing Director of Gate Security, reported that they had high traffic and great interest at their booth:

Butiksleverantör was a great success for Gate Security. We had many demos and the interest in the exacqVision product was very high. A lot of good leads and a nice promotion of Exacq.  We had two main demo stations, one with 3 monitors and one with 4 monitors , and we had online connection with exacqVision servers in other locations throughout the country, all making for impressive demos.

We’ve enjoyed a long partnership with Gate Security.  They have amassed an impressive clientele, having installed exacqVision video management systems for a large number of retail customers, including the ICA chain of Supermarkets and Hypermarkets throughout Sweden, as well as a diverse array of sites such as the Kalmar Airport, the Gröna Lunds Tivoli amusement park, a number of municipalities including Svenljunga and Arvika, and even the backstage studio surveillance for the popular Let’s Dance program on TV4.

SBSCAdditionally, Gate Security holds the distinction of being one of the first companies in Sweden with engineers to be certified in CCTV by the Svensk Brand & Säkerhetscertifiering AB (SBSC), the country’s leading organization for certifying companies, products, management processes and personnel within fire protection and crime prevention, ensuring all video surveillance systems they install conform to the SSF-1060 standard for CCTV video.

Our congratulations to the entire group at Gate Security for a successful trade fair.  Gate Security can be reached as follows:

Gate Security AB
Phone: +46-5453-6600

At Butiksleverantör in Stockholm with Gate Security 2

At Butiksleverantör in  Stockholm with Gate Security 1