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Exacq at ISC West 2012

Exacq at ISC West 2012ISC West 2012 just wrapped up in Las Vegas. It was a busy and successful show for us. Our new, larger booth enjoyed extremely heavy traffic throughout the three-day show; our products were on display in a number of third-party integration partner booths, and we previewed new products, including:

exacqVision Edge Our new exacqVision Edge product, a complete Enterprise VMS server running on an IP camera, was featured. Initially supporting Axis IP cameras with ARTPEC 3 & 4 processors, exacqVision Edge loads directly onto the IP camera. Edge provides complete exacqVision Enterprise functionality without the need for an external server. Edge cameras appear in the camera tree just like cameras from any other server, and can be mixed and matched with existing exacqVision servers. Ideal for add-on cameras to existing systems where additional servers are too costly or not practical, for wireless outdoor cameras where consistent network connectivity is an issue, for short-term or covert deployment where there is no network connectivity, and for installations requiring distributed storage for high reliability. Ease of deployment for integrators: install and configure exacqVision Edge at the shop, then simply ship the cameras to the site for mounting and POE connection to network.

ISC West 2012

exacqVision 4.9 – Our latest release, Version 4.9, includes extensive new Search and Playback features, including Thumbnail Search. Finding the desired video is faster and easier than ever, and thumbnail search is ideal for low-bandwidth remote connections. Other new features include significant client video display speed improvements, new enhancements to exacqVision Video Wall including switched Views on alarm, enhanced Maps with integrated Soft Triggers, server management enhancements with new S.M.A.R.T. monitoring capability, new Hikvision native IP camera support, new fisheye IP camera support from Vivotek and ACTi, new encoder support from Axis, and more.

exacqVision Surveillance Keybaordexacq Mobile 2.4 – The latest exacq Mobile release features significantly faster initialization and start times, true full-screen mode, easier add-camera functionality, and new support for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, in addition to Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard – The new Surveillance Keyboard was shown, an ideal add-on to exacqVision systems. PTZ Joystick, 10 button numeric entry, 16 user defined buttons, left/right arrow wheel, and firmware custom-designed for exacqVision VMS.

Elsewhere on the show floor, exacqVision integration with IP cameras was featured in the Samsung booth, in the Bosch booth, in the IQinVision booth (running Edge), in the CNB booth, and in the StarDot booth. On the Access Control side, exacqVision integration with PremiSys Access Control system was featured in the IDenticard booth, and integration with S2 NetBox and S2 Pronto Access Control systems was featured in the S2 Security booth. Distribution partners Anixter and ADI were also highlighting exacqVision.

We certainly appreciate all of our integrators, distributors and end users who came by the booth. We’ll be back next year for ISC West 2013. Some pictures from the show are below. You can also view more pictures here.

ISC West 2012

ISC West 2012

ISC West 2012

Report from ISC West 2011

ISC West 2011

ISC West 2011 just wrapped up last week. This years’ show was well attended, and our booth was busy the entire time. We introduced a number of new products and features at this show, including:

exacqVision Start VMS Software
ISC West 2011Combining the ease of use of exacqVision VMS software with the essential features necessary for low-cost video surveillance, exacqVision Start VMS software is ideal for stand-alone installations of 30 cameras or less. The complete supported list of IP cameras can be used with an easy auto-scan to detect and configure. Live views, saved views, exacqRecall instant playback, video search, POS/ATM search, configuration, all included. Windows, Linux or Mac.

In addition to the exacqVision Start client, the web viewer is included, as are the exacq Mobile iPhone, iPad and Android apps. exacqVision Start is available on the entire EL-Series of embedded Linux appliance servers, or can be installed on third-party servers.

A review of exacqVision Start from IPVideoMarket.Info can be found here. exacqVision Start will be released in early May.

exacqVision Pro 4.6
We featured the upcoming exacqVision Pro 4.6 release, available through the exacqVision Certified Reseller channel. New features we showed include Audit Trail, a new Enterprise Camera Management feature, a re-designed Notifications setup page, and support for the new panoramic cameras from Scallop Imaging, in addition to a number of new supported IP cameras. exacqVision Pro 4.6 will be released in early May. We also showed an exacqVision Pro 4.7 feature: dewarping support for lenses and cameras from Immervision and Sentry360. Version 4.7 is targeted for late May.

exacqVision Hybrid and IP Servers
The full line of exacqVision Hybrid and IP Servers was featured.

ISC West 2011exacqVision EL-Mini – The EL-Mini is our newest, lowest-cost IP appliance server. With the ability to connect up to 24 IP cameras, the EL-Mini is ideal for low-cost installations. The embedded Linux operating system and exacqVision software are on a solid-state drive, for high reliability. The Intel Atom processor runs cool with very low power consumption. Up to 2 TB of hard drive video storage are available. The EL-Mini is perfect for either exacqVision Pro software or exacqVision Start software. The EL-Mini is shipping now.

exacqVision ELS-R – New in the EL-Series of embedded appliance servers is the exacqVision ELS-R. An update to the current EL-S, the ELS-R adds two front removable drive bays, providing internal storage up to 4TB, and the ability for user configurable storage options. exacqVision ELS-R is shipping now.

exacqVision Z-Series – All Z-Series line of Hybrid and IP enterprise servers now come standard with 8 IP camera licenses, with the ability to connect 96 IP camera licenses total. All Z-Series servers also now come standard with Three Years of exacqVision Pro software updates. This is on top of the Three Year hardware warranty.

Three Years Warranty & Software Updates – The entire line of exacqVision servers now include Three Years of exacqVision Pro software updates standard, on top of the Three Years hardware warranty.

exacq Mobile
Our latest exacq Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets were featured. The new exacq Mobile apps have added the ability to control triggers, and sport a more intuitive user interface. All exacq Mobile apps are available on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market at no charge, and work with any exacqVision deployment.

Around the show floor
exacqVision was featured in a number of booths around the show floor. IDenticard introduced new integration of exacqVision with their PremiSys access control system (picture). S2 Security was featuring exacqVision integration with their NetBox and Pronto access control systems (picture). PlaSec was featuring exacqVision integration with their Classic Appliance and Enterprise Appliance access control systems (picture). Paxton Access was featuring exacqVision integration with their Net2 access control system (picture).

On the IP camera front, Exacq was one of the sponsors of the ONVIF Interoperability Showcase. Pictures from that event are here and here. exacqVision was featured in a number of IP camera vendors’ booths, including StarDot and Vivotek.

Pictures from the show
Here are some of the pictures from the show floor. You can view the complete album of pictures on our flickr page.
Click each picture for a larger view

ISC West 2011

ISC West 2011

ISC West 2011

ISC West 2011

The Road So Far to Nonproprietary Systems

Exacq in Security Sales & Integration Technology Issue December 2010The December 2010 Technology Issue of Security Sales & Integration magazine features a roundtable discussion entitled The Road So Far to Nonproprietary Systems with John Moss of S2 Security, Dan Moceri of Convergint, and Dave Underwood of Exacq.

John Moss starts off:

It has been more than a decade since the intertwined topics of open systems, standards and convergence entered the physical security industry debate. But what does it all mean and how much progress are we making?

As part of its annual Technology issue, SSI invited me to examine the state of flux that is convergence in our industry. In doing so, I recently moderated a discussion with Dave Underwood and Dan Moceri and asked them to provide some insight. Underwood is CEO of Indianapolis-based Exacq Technologies, a manufacturer of VMS solutions. Moceri brings the integrator’s perspective to the discussion. As CEO of Chicago-based Convergint Technologies, a national systems integrator, he is on the frontline of making systems interoperate in the new environment.

Do you agree that security manufacturers and their products have become more open?

Dave Underwood: I do believe this to be true. In many ways the physical security industry is mirroring the IT industry. The IT market and even the consumer computer market have been embracing open platforms and open standards for years now, contributing to their tremendous growth.

Today our customers and end users in the physical security industry want to build best-of-breed solutions just like they do in the IT market. End users want to choose the best hardware, the best components and even the best operating system for their installation and they expect it to all work together.

Dave Underwood, Exacq Technologies - quote

Dan Moceri: The trend is clearly toward more openness. Most new product platforms are open and much easier to integrate. There are, however, many legacy systems still installed today that do not have the same degree of openness and they become a challenge to integrate to third-party systems.

 Dan Moceri, Convergint - quote

How do you think that the convergence of physical security with IT has impacted openness and innovation in physical security products, and what role have end users played versus system integrators?

Underwood: One thing we have seen is a new breed of integrators who not only understand IP surveillance video, but they are very network savvy as well. In addition, we’re now seeing more and more IT integrators jumping into the physical security industry as they see this as another solid offering for their customers.

A successful IT integrator already has a solid customer base that he or she sees on a regular basis to update software and systems or to provide regular maintenance. Now they have yet another service to offer these customers. The end result is that our integrators are getting smarter and have even more to offer to their customers — the end users.

Moceri: Many opportunities are now available to the traditional security integrator who embraces a solutions-based integration model. The physical security integrator can now provide high level software-based integration solutions that previously were provided by specialty IT integrators. This allows security integrators to capture a larger revenue stream from their customers.

John Moss, S2 - quote

The entire discussion is well worth reading. You can read the full article here.

exacqVision VMS & S2 NetBox integration announced

Exacq-S2 Netbox integrationExacq and S2 Security officially announced integration today between the exacqVision VMS software and the S2 NetBox. The full press release is here. Highlights:

The integrated system unites exacqVision video with events in the S2 access control and intrusion detection systems. Users of the integrated system will gain quick and easy access to all video and audio associated with a range of security exceptions.

"S2’s use of an open-source Linux operating system and a browser-based interface for access control fits perfectly with our open-source and cross-platform video management system software and hardware," notes Dave Underwood, president of Exacq Technologies. "Moreover, we share a common, IP-savvy dealer/integrator base looking for a complete access control and video surveillance solution."

The S2 NetBox and S2 Enterprise IP-based security management systems offer a 100% browser-based system that supports a wide range of physical security applications. S2 Security provides an open platform and freely distributes APIs so that partners such as Exacq can create innovative solutions that operate seamlessly through the S2 NetBox user and programming interfaces.

"S2 and Exacq share the common goal of delivering innovative technology and exceptional customer service," notes John L. Moss, president and CEO of S2 Security Corporation. "The integration of S2 and exacqVision provides a powerful and complete security solution – delivered through a common web browser."

Integration with exacqVision is supported in S2 NetBox build 373 and later, and is available immediately.

More information on the exacqVision/S2 NetBox integration:

exacqVision 4.0 Released – Active Directory & Mapping

exacqVision Version 4.0 ReleaseVersion 4.0 of exacqVision Video Management Software has just been released. This latest release, compatible with all exacqVision Hybrid and IP video surveillance systems, incorporates new features and enhancements, and continues our quest for rapid, incremental updates.

Version 4.0 is available for download here. Key features in the 4.0 Release:

  • New Mapping feature
  • Enterprise Server Option
  • Active Directory / LDAP support
  • Enhanced Webserver 2.0 Browser-based thin client
  • S2 NetBox support

Here are some of the features in detail:

New – Mapping
Mapping functionality has been fully integrated into the exacqVision user interface. Maps seamlessly co-exist with cameras, and any view or layout can have any combination of cameras and maps. Maps can be imported from a variety of image file sources, and cameras can be easily placed on maps creating custom map views. Maps can be shared among users both on a stand-alone system and across an enterprise deployment  Any number of maps can be created and displayed simultaneously.

An additional mapping feature with the exacqVision Enterprise Server Option, also new for 4.0, allows for maps to be nested in a hierarchical format. You could have a high-level map of the country, with nested maps of campus sites located around the country, each of which in turn could have nested maps of buildings, floors, wings, etc. Video and alarm events from lower-level nested maps can “bubble up” to the top level map, giving the user a global view of all alarms and activities across the enterprise deployment.

Here is a brief video that describes the new Mapping feature:

New – Enterprise Server Option
A new option is available with exacqVision 4.0, the Enterprise Server Option. This optional add-on, enabled at the server level, adds unique user administration and server administration functionality useful in an enterprise deployment of many exacqVision servers.

Enterprise user administration functionality included in the Enterprise Server Option include Active Directory integration for organizations with existing Active Directory/LDAP servers; Enterprise User Administration, for easy user administration across the deployment when Active Directory is not desployed, and Multi-Level Mapping, enabling nested, hierarchical maps-within-maps across the deployment.

Any exacqVision server can have the Enterprise Server Option enabled, at time of order or at any point. Enterprise-enabled servers and standard servers can co-exist, and Enterprise Server functionality will be available on the servers that have the Enterprise option.

Here’s a brief video overview of the new Enterprise Server Option:


Active Directory / LDAP Support

As part of the new exacqVision Enterprise Server Option, support has been added for Active Directory/LDAP integration. System administrators can now configure exacqVision permissions and privileges for accounts that exist on an Active Directory server. For organizations that have implement Active Directory for user accounts, this enables easy deployment of exacqVision in an enterprise setting, as the user accounts are already created.

Connecting to existing Active Directory servers is straightforward. The exacqVision System Setup page now has an additional “Enterprise” tab for adding the Active Directory server information:

exacqVision LDAP setup screen

Quick Start Guides for configuring exacqVision and Active Directory for Windows, Linux and Mac will be available on our Manuals & Specs page soon.

Enterprise User Setup
For enterprise deployments that do not employ Active Directory, the new Enterprise User Setup has been added to the exacqVision Enterprise Server Option. The Enterprise User Setup allows for user administration across the exacqVision enterprise. A single entry to create or edit a user profile is made, and then automatically pushed out to all selected servers across the deployment.

exacqVision Webserver 2.0

The latest version of the exacqVision Webserver, which is included at no charge with exacqVision software, incorporates a number of enhancements, including multi-server viewing, multi-camera search and playback, PTZ control, and an updated user interface.

exacqVision Webserver allows the use of fully-featured browser-based thin clients. The browser-based client works on any web browser, no ActiveX needed. The browser-based client also functions fully on any javascript-enabled browser, which includes those on the iPhone and Android mobile phone platforms. Additionally, a Simple mode is available for WAP browsers on basic non-smart phones.

The exacqVision Webserver provides an easy way to view video where deploying a full exacqVision client isn’t practical. Law enforcement can access video streams from school surveillance systems from the laptop in their car; organizations could provide limited camera access to the outside world for clients and customers.

Additionally, because the Webserver transcodes the video in real time, it is extremely useful in restricted-bandwidth connections. The Webserver can scale back the resolution on any camera in real-time, in effect enabling multi-streaming from any camera.

Here’s a brief video overview of the exacqVision Webserver 2.0:

S2 NetBox Integration

S2 SecurityexacqVision is now supported in the Video Management System for S2 Netbox access control systems. S2 NetBox Version 4.0 Build 376, released in January of 2010 is required, as is the new exacqVision Webserver 2.0. Additionally, the exacqVision OVID driver is needed, available from either the S2 or Exacq websites.

Events handled by S2 NetBox can initiate video recording, change camera telemetry, or pop up video on one of the display monitors. Likewise, exacqVision-initiated events such as motion or video loss can be annunciated on the security system.

We’ll do a more detailed blog post on the S2 integration separately.

S2 Security widgets

Recent Releases

With this release we continue to make rapid progress with exacqVision, and incremental releases have hit about every 2 months. A large number of new features have been added in a short period of time. You can see the full release history of exacqVision here:
exacqVision Release History

Download and Installation
As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions can always be downloaded from the exacqVision Downloads page, or you can click on ‘Check for Updates‘ within the ‘About‘ box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.