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exacqVision 4.2 Released

exacqVision 4.2Version 4.2 of exacqVision Video Management Software has just been released. This latest release, compatible with all exacqVision Hybrid and IP video surveillance systems, incorporates new features and enhancements, and continues our quest for rapid, incremental updates.

Version 4.2 is available for download here. Key features in the 4.2 Release:

  • Sanyo HD IP camera support
  • New Vivotek H264 IP camera support
  • New Sony HD IP camera support
  • My Systems page enhancements
  • PlaSec integration
  • OpenOptions integration
  • Korean Language support

Here are some of the features in detail:

SanyoSanyo HD IP Camera support
exacqVision now supports the complete line of Sanyo High-Definition IP cameras. This new line of HD IP cameras consists of ten different models of box, vandal-resistant dome, PTZ and zoom cameras, with both full HD resolution at H.264 compression and MJPEG modes of up to 4 MP.

The Sanyo models supported are:

HD Network Camera

HD Network D/N Camera

HD Network Dome Camera

HD Network D/N PTZ Camera 

More information on the Sanyo HD cameras is here.

Sanyo HD IP camera family

VivotekNew Vivotek H.264 IP Camera Support
Support has been added the the latest 8000-series from Vivotek, all of which incorporate H.264 video compression in addition to MPEG-4 and MJPEG modes.

Models currently in the Vivotek 8000-series line that are newly supported in version 4.2 include the IP8161 fixed camera, and the FD8133 and the FD8134 fixed dome cameras.

SonyNew Sony IP Camera Models support
Support has been added for the latest models of HD IP cameras from Sony. These models are all 720P or 1080P and heature H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression.

New models supported in 4.2 include:

SNC-DH140T Network 720p HD Vandal Resistant Minidome Camera
SNC-CH240 Network 1080p HD Fixed Camera
SNC-DH240 Network 1080p HD Minidome Camera
SNC-DH240T Network 1080p HD Vandal Resistant Minidome Camera

My Systems Page Enhancements
Additional functionality has been added to the My Systems page, making it easier to identify on one screen all of the servers on the enterprise.

New Columns: Additional new columns have been added on the My Systems page, providing more information about each server. The new columns are: MAC Address; Serial Number; Days of Recorded Video. The new screen looks like htis:
click for a larger view

exacqVision Version 4.2 - My Systems page

Just right-click on the columns header to add these three new columns:

adding new columns to My Systems page

Highlight & Export: In addition to the new columns, all information on the My Systems page can now be highlighted and copied to the clipboard for exporting to documents or spreadsheets, enabling easy enterprise reporting and tracking.

PlaSecPlaSec Access Control Integration
exacqVision is now integrated with the PlaSec access appliance line, including the Classic Access Appliance and the Enterprise Access Appliance. Further details are available on the PlaSec webpage.

Here’s a screenshot of the PlaSec integration with exacqVision:
click for a larger view

PlaSec access control integration with exacqVision

Open Options, Inc.Open Options, Inc. Access Control Integration
exacqVision is now integrated with Open Options’ dnaFusion, an open platform IP-based access control solution. Further details are available on the Open Options website.

Here’s a screenshot of the dnaFusion integration with exacqVision:
click for a larger view

Open Options dnaFusion integration with exacqVision

Korean language addition
Korean language localization has been added to exacqVision, bringing the total number of unique localized language versions of exacqVision to seventeen

Recent Releases
With this release we continue to make rapid progress with exacqVision, and incremental releases have hit about every 2 months. A large number of new features have been added in a short period of time. You can see the full release history of exacqVision here:
exacqVision Release History

Download and Installation
As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions can always be downloaded from the exacqVision Downloads page, or you can click on ‘Check for Updates‘ within the ‘About‘ box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Exacq at PSA-TEC 2010

Exacq at PSA-TEC 2010We have just returned from PSA-TEC 2010, the annual education, training and technology event that PSA Security Network holds for its members. We have found PSA-TEC to be of considerable value to us, as it affords us the opportunity to spend some in-depth time with the PSA member resellers.

One of the most important parts of the conference is the training sessions. We held one of our day-long exacqVision technical reseller training sessions on Tuesday, where we had a pre-registered full house as well as some dealers who added the course on-site.

Exacq receives Superstar Vendor Achievement Award at PSA-TEC 2010Wednesday morning was the Vendor Awards Banquet, the result of PSA member surveys ranking vendors on overall products, support, pricing, and service to the membership. We were very honored to receive the "Superstar Vendor Achievement Award" this year, the highest award PSA offers. Our sincere appreciation goes out to the entire PSA member base for this award.

After the awards breakfast was the trade show. This was the first year at the Rosemont Convention Center, and the upgraded facilities were a great change of pace. We had a packed booth the entire show, and the increased space and wider aisles were most welcome. We showed our latest exacqVision Version 4.1 features, as well as a sneak peek of the upcoming Version 4.2 features, including Sanyo IP camera support and ONVIF support, using Bosch and other ONVIF-compatible cameras. We also were using IP cameras from Axis, Vivotek, IQeye, Panasonic, ACTi, Sony, and Arecont Vision, who was also right across the aisle from us.

Additionally, we also featured our iPhone & iPad surveillance app, which allows full connection to all exacqVision servers, live viewing with multiple camera layouts, and search and playback of recorded video.

Sam Pfeifle of Security Systems News gave his take on the show in this blog post. Wednesday night was the popular PSA-TEC Jam Session, and Sam was live-streaming the band over his iPhone via ustream.com. He posted archival video of that event here.

Our thanks once again to the entire PSA organization for the great job they did with this years’ well-run event. Below are some pictures and a video from the show floor. Click on each for a larger image.

PSA-TEC 2010 7

PSA-TEC 2010 4

PSA-TEC 2010 6