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exacqVision Celebrates 10 Years of VMS Software Releases

exacqVision celebrates 10 years of open architecture video management system VMS software releases. exacqVision has evolved into a leading industry VMS platform. Pioneered by a group of video industry veterans, Exacq initially released its intuitive exacqVision software in the summer of 2006.

While 90 percent of startup companies fail, Exacq emerged as a growing, innovative video security company. In the past decade, the exacqVision product has grown to more than 3 million camera licenses deployed worldwide. Continuously adapting to the ever-changing needs and demands of newer security technologies, Exacq achieved a strong brand presence with a large, loyal customer base in the corporate, retail, education and banking verticals in North America.

exacqVision 10 year_2

With just over 150 employees employed by the Exacq division of Tyco Security Products, Exacq has experienced notable growth since its inception in 2006. Throughout the first two years, exacqVision sales grew 262 percent. In 2013, Exacq was acquired by Tyco Security Products for $150 million to increase the brand presence in the rapidly expanding network video security industry.

exacqVision VMS Software 10 years

Key exacqVision highlights:

As we begin our next decade in VMS software development, we would like to thank the staff, partners, sales team and end users for their contributions to the success of exacqVision.

Download a free trial of exacqVision now to see how the software looks now.

Welcome Jeff Munson,
New Area Sales Manager

Exacq introduces Jeff Munson as the new Area Sales Manager for exacqVision network video recordersvideo management system VMS software and Illustra IP cameras in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Jeff brings more than 20 years of security industry experience. Most recently, he was a regional sales director for a video products manufacturer.

Jeff Munson

Jeff Munson

If you have any Exacq questions, please contact Jeff.

Exacq Wins PSA Security Network Vendor Awards

PSA Security Network, the world’s largest electronic security cooperative, announced its 2016 PSA Vendor and Customer Service Awards at PSA-Tec. Exacq received the Star Award for its exceptional service, support and growth in the PSA community of integrators. These awards are selected by PSA owner companies based on rankings for pricing, shipping, support, lead generation, returns and product performance.

Star Award

Paul NgimatPaul Ngimat, Global Order Entry Account Representative, was presented with the Customer Service Individual Award. This is the second consecutive year Paul has won the award. Exacq Technologies and Tyco Security Products hold service at the highest level for our customers. Congratulations to Paul on receiving this award and thank you for always going above and beyond to help the PSA team and provide PSA integrators with exceptional service.

If you missed PSA-Tec’s weeklong educational sessions, product trainings, networking and vendor exhibition, see what you missed with our complete security solution or latest features in exacqVision 7.6. You can also attend one of our training sessions.

Thank you to PSA for being a long-standing partner and industry leader.

exacqVision Integrated with Davantis Video Analytics

exacqVision is now integrated with Davantis perimeter protection solution. Davantis provides a perimeter protection solution for intrusion, loitering,Davantis tampering object removal and stopped vehicle detection. This integration gives users a way to quickly validate video of perimeter detection within one interface.

Users can:

  • Quickly configure cameras and event linking within exacqVision
  • Automate actions to easily view and monitor Davantis alarms including send emails, set alarms, play sounds and PTZ a camera
  • Instantly verify video of perimeter detection events
Davantis Integration

Davantis is certified by United Kingdom’s Home Office as an i-LIDS® approved primary detection system. i-LIDS is the UK Government’s benchmark standard for video analytics technology and is only awarded to products judged to have met the stringent criteria specified by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSBD) for video-based detection system for government use.

exacqVision version 7.4 or later with a current exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license along with Davantis software Daview v166 or later.

Learn more about this integration with Davantis on our video analytics page.

View the integration guide.

exacqVision Setup Indicators Video

When setting up an exacqVision server for video recording, setup Indicators, available in exacqVision 7.2, will guide an installer to configure changes that will optimize the exacqVision installation. These indicators, available only to Power Users and Admins, provide guidance on configuring motion detection, ensuring network connectivity, changing default passwords and more to ensure no installation steps are missed during configuration. Our new video shows you how this works:

Setup Indicators Include:

      • Network connection less than 1gb/s
      • No motion window set for camera
      • Motion recording scheduled, but camera doesn’t support motion
      • No email servers configured
      • Camera time is too far off
      • Server time is too far off
      • Server is using default password
      • Camera is connected to more than one server
      • Not enough licenses for all cameras
      • Client cannot listen to audio (no speakers)
      • Client cannot use 2-way audio (no mic)
      • Client disk space low
      • Client unable to connect to server
      • Estimated content & estimated archive content age
        • If the disk is not yet full, the client will predict the estimated retention