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New exacqVision On-Site Hardware Repair Available

Now, exacqVision customers who order a new exacqVision network video recorder (NVR) can add an optional annual on-site hardware repair service. If a hardware issue is identified, Exacq will automatically dispatch a local technician and repair parts to the customer site within the next business day.



On-Site Repaid

  • On-site hardware repair with parts and local technician conveniently dispatched to customer site within the next business day if necessary
  • Easy access to diagnose recorder by contacting Exacq technical support experts
  • Receive hardware and software support from a single source
  • Resolve issues quicker eliminating time spent troubleshooting
  • Available on all exacqVision NVRs including LC-Series, ELP-Series, A-Series, Z-Series and S-Series

How to Order and Use This On-site Repair Service
This new service is currently available in the continental U.S. only and at time of the initial NVR purchase. It must be purchased annually with part #5000-66001.

exacqVision dealers must initiate a technical support case and provide requested system information during the diagnostic phase for on-site hardware repair to begin.

Learn more about exacqVision on-site hardware repair and how it works.

Introducing New exacqVision A-Series IP NVR Models for Greater Capacity in One Recorder

The new exacqVision A-Series IP network video recorders (NVR) now have 50% more maximum storage capacity. The A-Series recorders provide an ideal balance of performance, reliability and capacity for mid-sized recording applications.


  • Increased storage capacity – Store up to 48TB of video
  • Reduced rack space necessary – Higher density storage reduces rack space requirements
  • Lower power consumption – Improve energy efficiency and reliability with fewer recorders
  • Reduced cost – Purchase fewer, high density recorders to reduce your system hardware expenses

The new A-Series IP recorders eliminate the need for purchasing multiple servers, reducing the cost of ownership. Each A-Series IP NVR records up to 64 IP cameras, includes 4 IP camera licenses, and stores up to 48TB of video.

Learn more about the exacqVision A-Series IP recorders. See all the new A-Series models available.

Z-Series Servers Storage DoubledUp to 80TB/Server

Z-Series 4U Server with new coverexacqVision Z-Series hybrid and IP camera video surveillance servers now utilize 4TB continuous duty enterprise-class hard drives, increasing the maximum storage from 40 to 80TB per server.

Designed for demanding enterprise video surveillance applications, Z-Series servers accept up to 192 cameras (64 analog + 128 IP). Continuous recording rates of 520mbps enable high frame-rate recording at multi-megapixel resolutions per camera. The doubling of storage-per-server significantly reduces equipment cost for large system deployments utilizing multiple servers.

RAID 5 or 6 is standard on all Z-Series servers, protecting against data loss from 1 or 2 drive failures. Front-mount drive bays are hot-swappable for easy expansion and drive replacement. The new Z-Series front cover protects unauthorized users from accessing the drives.

exacqVision VMS Camera ViewAll exacqVision Z series servers now use the newest generation of drives with faster search times for stored video. For maximum throughput and video search times, 2TB drives are used for configurations of 40TB and under, and all systems configured for 48TB or greater use the 4TB drives for maximum capacity and speed.

Z-Series servers come pre-configured with exacqVision on internal SSD, and are ready for out-of-the-box deployment. All Z-Series configurations are available for immediate shipment, and the full listing of configurations is available here.