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exacqVision Case Study: 600 Brickell High-Rise

600 BrickellThe February issue of Security Sales & Integration magazine contains a new installation case study, written by Rodney Bosch, of 600 Brickell high-rise in Miami, involving the integration of exacqVision VMS, Gallagher access control, EasyLobby visitor management, Gunnebo optical turnstiles, Thyssen Krupp elevator control, Vivotek IP cameras, and more. The integrator was Security Innovative Solutions (SIS) in Davie, FL.

The story starts out:

600 BrickellRising above Miami’s financial district, the new Brickell World Plaza is the Sunshine State’s first commercial real estate tower to be pre-certified platinum under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Also referred to as 600 Brickell, the 40-story structure, which topped out in March 2011, is in fact one of only a handful of buildings like it in the world with a LEED rating of platinum.

With a goal to represent a new standard for technology in office development, 600 Brickell’s developer likewise sought to fortify the tower with state-of-the-art electronic security systems. To that end, Security Innovative Solutions (SIS) of Davie, Fla., was commissioned to provide the access control and video surveillance systems based on its advanced integration design philosophy and ample experience with other tower projects.

The original Pelco security system was being replaced:

“JMA brought us in because of the antiquation and the lack of scalability of the original security system,” says SIS Project Executive Maurice Gerovitz. “It was more designed to lasso the building owner and keep them tied down with licensing all different types of things for a long time.”

Discussing the equipment used:

A big motive for selecting the (Vivotek) 2-megapixel cameras was the capability for Exacq’s video management system (VMS) client to provide full digital p/t/z functionality, offering superior clarity for even facial recognition purposes. SIS installed two exacqVision Z-Series servers. These are standard off-the-shelf products; no major modifications were made to the hardware or software.

“The Z-Series is designed to meet the performance and storage requirements of enterprise video surveillance deployments and was clearly the right fit for this application,” notes Scott Dennison, senior product manager for Exacq Technologies. “While one of the servers is an IP camera server designed solely for network cameras, the other is a hybrid, which allows them to bring in analog and IP cameras on a single server.”

The networked cameras are spread out on the two servers and accessed via the VMS client in the tower’s 24/7 security command center. Since Exacq’s client software is free, the end user can deploy it anywhere to provide easy access for other security personnel and management, provided they have a network connection. …

“The exacqVision [VMS client] can be run on pretty much any workstation,” Santos explains. “My main concern from the get-go was to eliminate bottlenecks on the network. The custom computer gives us the flexibility to use up to 12 screens on the video wall. Otherwise, our solution would have to have a video wall controller with at least five different computers managing pieces of information.”

Concluding the story:

Bruner continues: “If you take into account that Brickell has a Gallagher access control system, an EasyLobby visitor management system, an ExacqVision video management solution, all integrated together with the [Gunnebo] optical turnstiles, [Thyssen Krupp] floor-by-floor elevator control, E-mail and SMS text notification, and photo ID badging, it is truly an integrated system.”

exacqVision Video Wall at 600 Brickell
exacqVision Video Wall at 600 Brickell

The full case study is well worth reading, and is available here:

Our thanks to exacqVision integrator Security Innovative Solutions for this successful deployment.