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Whether you have a small, stand-alone office (Illustra Essentials), a mid-sized, budget-driven business (Illustra Flex), or a large, expansive environment (Illustra Pro), Illustra IP cameras always offers high-quality performance while being easy to install, configure & service.

We have added two new powerful cameras to the Illustra IP camera portfolio to further bolster the brand as a serious player in the IP camera market.

Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye Highlights:

  • 360° or 180° panoramic views
  • ePTZ for smooth transition between pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Excellent Performance in Outdoor and Low Light Environments
  • Superior Bandwidth Management
  • Easy to Install and Set Up

Illustra Flex 2MP PTZ Highlights:

  • 20x Optical Zoom/10x Digital Zoom
  • Triple Stream Support
  • Excellent Indoor and Outdoor Performance

Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye Highlights:

360° or 180° panoramic views

The Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye provides high quality 360° or 180° panoramic views. The vandal resistant camera is ideal for indoor and outdoor installations and provides dewarped view areas where users can digitally pan, tilt and zoom in on areas of interest. Multiple streams of H.264 and MJPEG video compression provide excellent image clarity while efficiently managing bandwidth.

ePTZ capabilities for smooth transition between pan, tilt, and zoom

The camera’s ePTZ movements are smooth, creating even transitions between pan, tilt, and zoom movements, while onboard dewarping technology provides distortion-corrected video streaming of 180°, 360°, and 16:9 or 4:3 views.

Excellent Performance in Outdoor and Low Light Environments

The camera’s integrated IR illuminator provides high-quality video up to 15 meters in even the worst lighting conditions.  Its IK10 rating protects the camera against external impacts that might occur if an intruder was attempting to take the camera out of operation. Coupled with its IP66 rating which ensures protection against dust and water, the Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye camera is ideal for outdoor applications such as parking lots, airport tarmacs, university campuses, and more.


Superior Bandwidth Management

Multiple streams of H.264 and MJPEG video compression provide excellent image clarity while efficiently managing bandwidth to reduce storage costs. In addition, the camera’s built-in microSDXC card slot enables several days of recording to be stored locally on a memory card.

Easy to Install and Set Up

The Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye camera uses a built-in web server for easy configuration. When used with the Illustra Connect software tool, discovery, snapshot, configuration, IP address assignments, diagnostics, and firmware upgrades take no time at all. The Fisheye camera can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and uses Power over Ethernet (IEEE which eliminates the need for cables and reduces installation time and cost.

Illustra Flex 2MP Flex Highlights:

20x Optical Zoom/10x Digital Zoom

The Illustra Flex 2MP 20X PTZ uses H.264 encoding technology allowing for full 1080p capture @30ips.  The PTZ has 20x optical zoom with continuous auto-focus plus 10X digital zoom allowing for effective video surveillance over long distance.


Triple Stream Support

The camera can deliver multiple video streams making it adaptable for most system applications and offers encoding options allowing for streamlined bandwidth use and lower overall ongoing cost of ownership.

Excellent Indoor and Outdoor Performance

Supporting alarm I/O, audio I/O, motion detection and a complete set of video stream controls including WDR, auto-defog, backlight control and noise reduction, the Flex 2MP PTZ offers full spectrum functionality to meet most all requirements. Outdoor PTZ models support -40° C/F using 60W PoE+ power making the installation of outdoor cameras easier.


Learn more about the Illustra IP camera portfolio

Illustra IP Cameras Introduce UltraVision

Illustra’s new UltraVision low light technology gives users a new solution to deliver high quality color images in challenging lighting. As the amount of light in a scene decreases, the Illustra camera will automatically switch to night mode. In night mode, UltraVision works to provide the best quality color image.

What is UltraVision?

UltraVisionIllustra UltraVision technology highlights the Pro mini-dome camera’s ability to perform at a new level in the most difficult light conditions. UltraVision allows the camera to effectively capture high quality color video quality in the darkest environments. The Illustra 2MP mini-dome will maintain color video well below 1 lux.

Low Light Example

Benefits of UltraVision Technology

The Illustra 2MP mini-dome camera utilizes a high sensitivity low noise CMOS progressive sensor, along with UltraVision technology, to deliver high quality color video in the most extreme low light conditions. UltraVision allows the camera to effectively maintain color video well below 1 lux.

Noise Reduction

Ideal Applications

This technology is most useful in applications such as indoor and outdoor parking lots, indoor warehouses, dark areas of retail establishments and alleyways. With UltraVision technology, the Illustra mini-dome provides more color video detail for users to more quickly identify people and objects of interest in dark areas. With the 100 db wide dynamic range and noise reduction combined with UltraVision low light technology, the Illustra Pro mini-dome produces exceptional video quality.Performance if Difficult Lighting

View the Illustra camera featuring UltraVision low light technology.

New Illustra Pro 2MP Mini-Domes

Illustra ProThe new high definition Illustra Pro 2 megapixel mini-dome IP cameras introduce UltraVision low light color video technology.

Watch this video to see the new Illustra low light video quality in action.

What is UltraVision Low LightIllustra UltraVision Lowlight
The new Illustra UltraVision technology allows the camera to effectively maintain color video well below 1 lux. This drastically improves the ability to identify people and objects of interest in environments near total darkness. Illustra UltraVision is ideal for applications such as parking lots, alleyways, warehouses and other lowlight settings where maintaining color and video quality is critical to the surveillance operation. In low light mode, UltraVision provides the color detail needed for users to more quickly find clear video evidence for investigations.

Superior Image Quality in Low Light Environments

  • 2MP resolution at fast frame rates
  • Ultravision maintains high quality color video at low light levels below 1 lux
  • Simultaneously view high contrasting areas with true wide dynamic range 100db

Low Light Example

Intelligent Analytics

The Illustra 2MP mini-dome also features advanced on-board analytics including motion detection, face detection, blur detection and tampering. The camera’s features minimize bandwidth use, storage requirements and optimize performance and video quality.

  • Program up to 5 individual regions of interest for integrated analytics
  • Minimizes bandwidth use and storage requirements with H.264
  • Rotates to the optimal image orientation with 9×16 field of view aspect ratio in corridor mode

Simple Installation

Compatible with American Dynamics VideoEdge and exacqVision video management system (VMS) software and recorders, Illustra Pro mini-dome cameras can be easily configured into a video security system saving installation time and money.

The camera is exacqVision Edge ready, so exacqVision VMS software can be installed directly on the camera for a complete high definition IP video solution.

Indoor and Outdoor Models for Most Environments

  • Operates in extreme temperatures as low as
    -30° C 
    with PoE or -40°C with 24Vac power
  • Durable indoor and outdoor models with IK10 rating to protect against vandalism, outdoor models are IP66 rated with an environmental enclosure to protect against water and dust

Learn more about the new Illustra Pro mini-domes and UltraVision low light technology on the Illustra website.

New Illustra Pro Series 2MP Micro Camera

The Illustra Pro 2MP micro camera provides a low profile with a high performance solution Watch this video to see how the Illustra Pro 2MP micro camera excels.

Small Form Factor

  • Ideal for small indoor locations like ATMs, store entrances, banks
  • Delivers the small form factor needed for limited spaces

Illustra Micro Camera_hand holding

Saves Time and Money with Simple Installation

  • Simple to install the micro IP camera in a confined space for discreet installations
  • Mounting options included
  • Compatible with exacqVision or VideoEdge
  • Reduces time and optimizes installation

Illustra micro

On-Board, Durable Features for the Most Demanding Conditions

  • Delivers high definition video of 1080p at 30 IPS
  • Exceptional video quality in high contrast lighting with true wide dynamic range 82db
  • Automatic rotation to the optimal image orientation with corridor mode
  • Automatically enhances the video quality around detected faces with face detection
  • Lens options available for all viewing areas: telephoto and wide angle
  • Convenient video storage with support for on-board SD card

Learn more about the new Illustra micro camera.

New Illustra Essentials Varifocal IP Cameras

The new Illustra Essentials 1 and 2 megapixel outdoor mini-domes and bullet IP cameras offer a low cost, high definition video solution. Watch this video to see the cameras in action.

Illustra Essentials Box Essentials Dome
  • See wider field of view with new 2.8-12mm varifocal lens
  • Durable enclosures with IK10 rating on the mini-dome to protect against vandalism
  • High performance wide dynamic range to simultaneously view high contrast areas
  • Excellent low light color and black/white video qualitywith true day/night IR illuminator
  • Easy installation with exacqVision, VideoEdge and Holis

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Learn more about Illustra Essentials cameras on our website. If you have questions, contact your local sales representative or call 317.845.5710.

Edge-Based Video Surveillance Recommended Approaches & Considerations

Edge Technology Options

Server vs. Serverless Recording

Edge recording eliminates the server from the network. This type of edge recording decreases the bandwidth load and saves on hardware. While these benefits do result in several limitations to the capabilities on the camera. This application can also be challenging to implement with legacy devices.

Hybrid Approach

Local recording can be used in conjunction with a video recorder to make the system more robust. A system may have a network recorder and also have edge recording capabilities to provide fault tolerance in the event of a network failure. In an event of an outage, the system would record to the cameras on the edge to avoid losing video completely.

Illustra Edge

Video Management System (VMS) Software on the Camera

The VMS software can be installed directly on compatible IP cameras. This edge installation saves bandwidth but also retains most of the benefits of a full-featured, sophisticated VMS. High resolution video is recorded directly to an SD card on the camera. See how Illustra Edge using exacqVision Edge VMS software pre-installed works.

Typical Applications

Edge technology works best in environments where network bandwidth is constrained or space or budget limitations impact the use of physical recorders. In isolated environments where the network and WAN connectivity is unreliable such as power substations, mobile facilities, edge technology can provide a better way for video security.

View how the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California implemented the exacqVision Edge solution to successfully receive high quality video in their ground breaking Ocean Technology Development experimentation tank.

SD Card Key Considerations

SD cards come in a variety of types and capabilities. To most effectively store your video directly on the edge remember these key considerations when purchasing an SD card:

  • Quality matters: Select high endurance SD cards
  • Speed matters: Recommend at least speed class 10 or UHS Speed Class 1 rated cards for full HD continuous recording
  • Ensure SD cards are capable of functioning in the camera’s environment
  • Leverage record-on-motion features of the VMS software or the camera to maximize the retention of useful video and the life of the SD card

Download the Edge-based security whitepaper.

View the recorded webinar:
Moving to the Edge: Leveraging Edge-Based Technology in Every Environment.

New Illustra Pro 2MP 30x PTZ For Improved Searching & Identification

The new Illustra Pro 2 megapixel 30x PTZ camera offers powerful 30x optical zoom to deliver better forensic details from even greater distances. The combination of the PTZ’s advanced optical capability and high quality HD resolution video allows users to identify critical details such as reading license plate characters at distances of more than 1,000 away from the camera.

Watch this video to see how.

Available in indoor and outdoor models, the new Illustra Pro PTZ delivers a greatly improved true wide dynamic range performance ensuring premium quality surveillance is maintained in the most challenging of lighting conditions. These camera’s clear video quality is maintained during rain, fog or snow through the advanced auto defog feature, while the whiteout highlight reduction feature ensures that car headlights or street lamps do not compromise the image during nighttime surveillance. The 30x PTZ also supports electronic image stabilization for lower effects of vibrations from wind and other sources when using long range optical magnification.

Illustra ProSuperior Image Quality

  • See the most important details with powerful 30x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom
  • Exceptional video quality in high contrast lighting with true wide dynamic range
  • Lowlight Color Video at 2 Lux with low noise and highly efficient bandwidth use

Exceptional Responsiveness

  • Industry leading low latency performance for precise real-time control to accurately track subjects
  • Intelligent Guard Tour feature using embedded video intelligence to automatically track, zoom in and record events or suspicious activity
  • Quickly identify subjects and suspicious activity at distances of up to 1000’ from the camera

Advanced Video Features & Reliable Operation

  • Easily identify details since camera moves into position at 512 degrees per second delivering 835 pixels per degree
  • Produces clear video in the most complex environments with auto defog and frame noise reduction
  • Easily configured with American Dynamics VideoEdge and exacqVision VMS software and recorders

Other Resources

Illustra video buttonVideo datasheetDatasheet



Illustra Pro 2MP 30X PTZ Infographic

If you have questions regarding these cameras, visit our sales page.

Illustra Partner Integrations Provide Complete High Definition Solution

Illustra IP cameras are supported by a number of video management system (VMS) software and hardware partners for a complete end-to-end solution.

One of Tyco Security Products’ network video recorder (NVR) and VMS software product lines, exacqVision, is completely integrated with all Illustra IP cameras making it the easiest high definition video security solution. Illustra Compatibility with exacqVisionUsers can easily configure their cameras and recorder in a single exacqVision application. exacqVision EasyConnect automatically finds, assigns and addresses Illustra IP cameras to the network, reducing camera configuration time. The exacqVision integration also offers remote focus and zoom for Illustra IP cameras. Illustra IP cameras and exacqVision recorders provide a complete solution. See more about this integration.

IllustraIP cameras are also compatible with partners such as Verint, Bosch, QNAP, Artec Technologies, Salient Systems, Next Level and more.

See all the full Illustra NVR partners compatibility chart.

Illustra IP Cameras Provide Clear Video for Better Surveillance

The Challenge
The new Royal Caribbean Club Casino at the Port of Spain in the Republic of Trinidad & Tabago’s city capital required a surveillance solution to easily monitor slot machines, cashiers, players and money transactions. The Casino needed a cost-effective way to utilize analog and IP video into a unified security system.

Additionally, security managers needed a way to quickly pull up video footage when they detected anomalies. Beyond monitoring the casino floor, security personnel oversee the casino entrances and parking lots.

Royal Caribbean Club Casino_main image

The Solution
To meet their needs and stay within budget, Royal Caribbean Club Casino selected a complete, end-to-end Tyco Security Products video security solution. This solution created a cost-effective, seamless transition from analog to IP.

They installed 16 Illustra Flex 3 megapixel mini-dome cameras because of the high resolution quality images they provided. These cameras are located over the gaming tables for a clear view of the gaming chips and movements of the dealers and gamblers.

The system included:


Royal Caribbean Casino was satisfied with the extreme ease of installation and use as well as the new benefits they received from their integrated security system. “The video survelliance system left a very positive impression with our Security/IT management team because of its characteristics, on-time execution and cost-effective plan,” said Alexander Calito, Royal Caribbean Club Casino Director.

Benefits of the new security solution include:

  • Combines analog and IP into one, cost-effective solution
  • Reduces investigation time on gaming table activity
  • Delivers high quality, color video images for faster identification
  • Reliable operation with no downtime or maintenance required
  • Easy for all staff members to navigate and use
  • Faster response to critical events with remote video access 24/7
  • Ensures a safe environment for visitors and staff

Learn more about Tyco Security Products solution to migrating from analog to an IP security system.

Illustra Pro 2MP LT Bullet with New Lens & Rounded Sunshield 

The Illustra Pro LT 2MP Bullet camera now has a larger field of view with a 2.8 – 12mm motorized varifocal lens. The new rounded sunshield reduces light interference and improves video quality.


New Part Number

  • IPL02B1BNWIY has replaced the obsolete SKU IPL02B2BNWIY
  • 2.8–12mm lens has replaced the 3-9mm lens
  • Illustra Pro LT 2MP Bullet, 2.8 – 12mm, outdoor, non-vandal, white, true day/night w/IR, wide dynamic range

Learn more about the Illustra Pro LT Bullet on our website. If you have questions, contact your inside sales representative or call 317.845.5710.