Training Centre, Vans Bring Products Up Close and Personal

Through the miracle that is modern communications technology, it’s possible to conduct meetings, view products and make deals without ever being in the same room — or even the same city or country.

But there is still much to be said about firsthand, in-person experience, such as seeing a security product demonstrated and Tyco Security Products - Training having trained personnel walk you through its features, showing you how to maximize the performance and capabilities of the latest camera, NVR or integrated security system.

That’s a key reason why Tyco Security Products recently launched two special initiatives: A state-of-the art Demonstration and Training Centre in Manchester, UK, modeled after an existing facility in Heathrow; and a fleet of mobile demonstration vans.

Through either setting, integrators and their customers can see the products at work and put them to the test. As an installer, it’s critical to understand the various integration capabilities when CCTV, access control and alarm systems come together.  And for your customers, the training centre and vans provide a setting in which they can explore the products with you, ask questions and gather information away from the traditional busy trade show stand or in-office or web-based presentation.

Have a specific project in mind and wonder about what devices would be needed and how they will work together? At the demo centre, end users are able to compare and contrast various solutions, using products from Tyco Security Products’ various brands such as American Dynamics, Kantech, Software House, DSC, CEM Systems, Bentel Security and Visonic.

The centres are also available for more specific training programmes or as spaces in which to conduct meetings.

Tyco Security Products - Demonstration VanIf Heathrow or Manchester isn’t convenient, that’s where the vans come in. Each vehicle is its own showcase of products. While not offering as extensive an array of products as the demonstration and training centres, the vans still provide a host of CCTV and access control solutions ranging from cameras, monitors and recording equipment to plug-and-play security management systems and integrated security platforms.

A new security system, or even an upgrade, is an investment that requires as much information and technical know-how as possible. Through the launch of this newest demo centre and the vans, Tyco is addressing that need for knowledge as well as understanding that time and convenience are key concerns these days.

We invite you to check out the Demonstration and Training Centres in Manchester and Heathrow, or see about booking one of the demo vans for a visit to your office or a customers’ location and spend a little one-on-one time with Tyco Security Products.


Source: Tyco Blog

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