The Challenge

The Dr. P. Phillips YMCA is the largest among the 25 locations operated by the YMCA of Central Florida. The center received an $11 million renovation. About 26,000 square feet was added to the center and another 30,000 square feet renovated. It now serves some 11,000 active members. A key part of the renovation project was to upgrade to an access control system that would address the issues related to tracking and verifying visitors, and ensuring that these visitors entering the facility were current registered members.

The Solution

To address the major issues – increasing security by restricting access of non-members and verifying member identity – the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA selected an access control system that deploys both physical barriers and biometrics, riding on Software House C-CURE 9000 security and event management platform to control the flow of people and the accuracy of data.


  • Easy management through one integrated system
  • iDentytech biometric readers for more accurate member identification
  • Automatic Systems glass turnstiles to hold people until information is verified

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Introducing the Innometriks and Software House Fully Integrated End-to-End High Assurance Solution

The Software House C•CURE 9000 and Innometriks High Assurance Solution is a fully integrated platform providing a robust system for the stringent identity validation needs of the Federal Government and security conscious commercial businesses. Available with the C•CURE 9000 Version 2.7 Service Pack 2 release, the updated and enhanced offering provides streamlined setup and configuration making the deployment of High Assurance systems quicker and less complicated.

Personnel Enrollment has also been greatly improved with the updated High Assurance solution. Enrollment is now done through the familiar C•CURE 9000 user interface without the need for an additional application thus reducing system complexity and enhancing the user experience.

The High Assurance Solution supports the enhanced portfolio of Innometriks purpose-built, High Assurance readers, including the new lower cost Cheetah SE. These readers cover the breadth of security levels with multiple authentication options and centralized management of settings and firmware. In addition, support for third-party readers from several manufacturers has been added as well. All of these readers connect directly to Software House iSTAR Ultra and iSTAR Ultra SE ACMs without the need for additional hardware

One of the most significant improvements to the High Assurance solution is the deep integration within C-CURE 9000. With many “bolt on” solutions, the use of multiple vendors for main system components makes solving potential issues a nightmare increasing potential downtime. With all major system components coming from Johnson Controls, the solution can be tested thoroughly as updates are made to make sure the entire system continues running smoothly.


Key Features

  • Complete end-to-end High Assurancesolution
  • Updated solution is now easier to install and configure
  • Supports OSDP High Assurance readers from several manufacturersas well as advanced readers from Innometriks including the new Cheetah SE.
  • Readers connect directly to an iSTAR Ultra/UltraSE ACM. No additional hardware is required.
  • Native C•CURE 9000 enrollment

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