Report from Security 2008 Australia

Security 2008 AustraliaThe Security 2008 Australia show was held last week at the Sydney Convention Centre.  This is the largest physical security trade show in Australia, and our agent for the entire region, Zone Advanced Protection Systems, had a prominent booth on the show floor.

Zone was showing their full line-up of products, including ICx thermal imaging, intelligent sensors and radar surveillance systems; ioimage video analytic cameras; and ACTi IP video cameras. But certainly a highlight of their booth was the exacqVision IP video surveillance systems combined with the new Arecont Vision h.264 megapixel IP cameras.  These new h.264 compression-based megapixel cameras (Arecont models AV5105, AV3105, AV2105 and AV1305) provide a tremendous benefit in reducing both storage space and network traffic.  Since these cameras have become available, we’re seeing upwards of 10x average file size reduction with the h.264 models vs. the corresponding MJPEG models.

Bill Nolan, Managing Director of Zone, reported that the new cameras with the exacqVision software were a hit: “The customers GOT it and so it made megapixel much more interesting.”  One visitor to the booth said this combination was “the first real megapixel management system I’ve seen.”  The fact that the exacqVision software runs natively on Windows, Linux and Macintosh, as well as browsers and mobile devices, was also a big draw.  Bill summed up the exacqVision response at the show by saying “it was instantly understandable by the trade and will migrate IP systems to the forefront of the buyers mind by its great management of megapixel cameras.”

Our congratulations to the crew at Zone for yet another successful show.  Zone will exhibiting the exacqVision products at two additional trade shows this month, the JAA Australian Jewellery Fair 08 in Sydney next week, and the Security in Government 2008 show in Canberra in two weeks.  Zone can be reached as follows:

Phone: +61-2-9894-7025

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