New Supported IP Camera Web Page

We’re happy to announce that we have just overhauled the supported IP Cameras page on our website. The new page is here:

The new supported IP Cameras page now has detailed information on each and every camera model supported. Specifically, it details the supported configurations, which include things such as:

  • exacqVision server software version
  • exacqVision client software version
  • camera plugin version
  • camera firmware version

In addition, it highlights each major feature of the camera and whether that feature is supported either by the camera vendor or by exacqVision.

In some cases there are several pages to the camera record, detailing unsupported configurations, with specifics of issues found with particular older camera firmware or exacqVision software versions.

In many cases, the supported camera firmware version includes a hyperlink to the manufacturers’ page where that firmware can be downloaded.

RSS feeds are available for new camera additions, as well as for additions to the tested configurations:

●   RSS feed for new IP Cameras:
●   RSS feed for new tested configurations:

Here’s how the new page looks:

Here’s an example of the "Details" record for one of the cameras:

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