Exacq & Axis Provide Easy IP Entry Management Solution

exacqVision users can now watch and communicate with people by combining exacqVision’s new cameralinks feature with Axis A8004 network video door station, a new high performance intercom. Fully integrated with exacqVision, this intercom solution provides two-way audio in addition to real-time video at doors requiring manual remote entry control. This solution is most useful to verify identity at remotely controlled doors and gates.Axis intercom


Together, Exacq and Axis provide customers with a quicker and easier way to improve security.

  • Increased identification and entry management
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Enhanced two-way communications
  • Easily view video, communicate with persons at an entry way and unlock or lock a door

See the integration details. View a video on how to configure exacqVision Camera Links.

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