exacqVision Setup Indicators Video

When setting up an exacqVision server for video recording, setup Indicators, available in exacqVision 7.2, will guide an installer to configure changes that will optimize the exacqVision installation. These indicators, available only to Power Users and Admins, provide guidance on configuring motion detection, ensuring network connectivity, changing default passwords and more to ensure no installation steps are missed during configuration. Our new video shows you how this works:

Setup Indicators Include:

      • Network connection less than 1gb/s
      • No motion window set for camera
      • Motion recording scheduled, but camera doesn’t support motion
      • No email servers configured
      • Camera time is too far off
      • Server time is too far off
      • Server is using default password
      • Camera is connected to more than one server
      • Not enough licenses for all cameras
      • Client cannot listen to audio (no speakers)
      • Client cannot use 2-way audio (no mic)
      • Client disk space low
      • Client unable to connect to server
      • Estimated content & estimated archive content age
        • If the disk is not yet full, the client will predict the estimated retention
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