exacqCloud Enables Security Dealers Faster, Lower Cost Service, Gives End Users Peace of Mind

Platinum Protection Systems

It happens all too often; a customer calls saying they had an incident happen, but they do not have any video captured because a camera was down. How can we prevent this from happening in the future?

Exacq Cloud

Continuous Video Security Health Monitoring

Platinum Protection Systems went from personally checking on customers cameras to verify operation, to setting up email notifications and now instant camera and server status access via exacqCloud. Small customers typically do not have the time to monitor their security system. Therefore, Platinum Protection Systems needed a real-time system to easily access all of their customer’s surveillance equipment through one interface. They have deployed more than 1,000 cameras into the exacqCloud interface to continuously monitor critical video recording components.

michael terrizziHaving access to exacqCloud gives our customers another set of eyes and a constant reassurance of security system reliability.”  – Michael Terrizzi, Owner, Platinum Protection Systems, LLC

Enables More Service Agreement and Software Sales

exacqCloud gives Platinum Protections Systems a way to properly prioritize and coordinate service. Within minutes of seven cameras going down at a bus terminal customer, Platinum was able to contact them immediately, address the situation and dispatch a prepared technician with the appropriate tools needed to restore the cameras before any important video could be lost. This gave them an advantage against their competition to instantly notify customers of issues.


exacqCloud provides us a way to give our customers proactive support, faster and more cost-effective than ever before.” – Michael Terrizzi, Owner, Platinum Protection Systems, LLC

Increases Reliability and Trust

24-7Platinum Protection Systems had a customer with more than 300 cameras and 4 video recorders installed on their campus. The addition of exacqCloud enabled them to improve their service and ensure no storage alarm issues occurred. With exacqCloud, Platinum could ensure 24/7 reliability and respond immediately. Prior to exacqCloud, the end user and previous integrator only conducted a bi-annual audit of drive health and had no idea a RAID 5 drive failed.

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