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The PC & Wireless Shop Selects Tyco Security Products Edge Solution


The PC & Wireless Shop located in Canandaigua, NY is a leading local retailer and service provider in cellular phones, custom-built computers and laptops, IP security cameras, PBX phone systems and customer service.

The PC & Wireless Shop needed to upgrade its video surveillance system. With the new system, they wanted to better utilize space and find a cost-effective way to capture high quality video.

PC & Wireless Shop


Illustra-fisheye-camera_PC-Wireless-SHopThe PC & Wireless Shop selected Tyco Security Products edge technology with Illustra IP cameras pre-installed with exacqVision Edge video management system (VMS) software installed directly on the IP camera. Each IP camera acts as its own server, recording video to an onboard SD card. Tyco’s edge recording solution eliminates the need for a server while saving bandwidth and expenses.

The Illustra Edge cameras fully cover the 5,000 square foot space in the shop including the sales floor, warehouse and backroom. The
new Illustra IP cameras drastically improved the image quality.

The onboard exacqVision VMS software gives the Shop owner and employees a full-featured, intuitive VMS software to quickly search video.



Tyco’s edge solution improved image quality, installation and configuration, while saving store owners time and money.

  • Eliminates the need for server
  • Saves money on hardware and installation costs
  • Install faster with pre-configured VMS software directly on IP camera
  • Improves  reliability with video stored on SD card
  • Betters image quality to see critical details

Read the entire case study

See How Illustra Edge Works

Exacq Introduces Illustra Edge

Complete High Definition IP Video Solution as Easy as 1-2-3

Exacq introduces the first complete edge out-of-the-box solution. Illustra Edge provides a complete high definition video system as easy as 1-2-3 with a high quality Illustra IP camera, integrated video management system (VMS) software and SD card storage included in one out-of-the-box ready solution. Simply mount the camera, connect and start monitoring live and recorded video. Illustra Edge comes pre-configured with an included server license for simple, automatic installation.

Easy as 1-2-3

Illustra Edge presents everything you need for full-featured video recording. Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Solution – With an edge video solution, fewer components are installed. Video servers and rack equipment are not required. Since Illustra Edge comes with everything bundled into the camera, it saves end users a significant amount of money. Illustra Edge provides a high quality IP cameras integrated video management system (VMS) software and SD storage included in one out-of-the-box ready solution. It even saves money in the long-term with fewer components and no server maintenance.
  • Completely Bundled, Easy to Install – Simply plug in the Illustra Edge IP camera, connect to a powered network switch and watch video. Illustra Edge requires minimal configuration and hardware installation. To make it as easy as possible, it features automatic licensing and motion-based recording on first power on.
  • High Reliability – Illustra Edge stores video on the camera’s premium video surveillance grade SD card for onboard storage of critical video. Illustra Edge cameras record even when the network is down. There is no single point of failure; if one camera fails, the other IP cameras will continue to stream and record video. Illustra Edge offers distributed recording with a long-life SD card. Store 5-15 days of typical internal video expandable to months or years.
  • Network Friendly – The security camera to server traffic is internal, resulting in low network traffic. Therefore, the Illustra Edge solution does not use valuable network resources and bandwidth as functions are performed at the edge.
  • Scalable – If more storage is needed, users can add exacqVision S-Series networked storage devices or network attached storage (NAS). Illustra Edge can be a stand-alone solution or scalable as part of a full exacqVision recorder solution.

Ideal solution for:

  • Small system installations
    • Perfect for 1-10 IP camera installations
  • Remote sites where servers are not practical
    • Power sub-stations
    • Generator stations
    • Wind farms
  • Environments with unreliable wireless or WAN connectivity
  • Covert surveillance independent of the primary video surveillance system

Illustra Edge is available in three models:

FisheyeIllustra Pro 5MP Fisheye

  • 5 MP
  • High Resolution 360 degree situational awareness

Illustra Compact MinidomeIllustra Pro 2MP Compact Mini-Dome

  • 1080P
  • Wide field of view

illustra-compact-bulletIllustra Pro 2MP Compact Bullet

  • 1080P
  • True day/night
  • IR Illumination
  • Wide dynamic range

Learn more about the Illustra Edge solution on our website. Download the exacqVision Edge Illustra installer.

Edge and Edge+ Now Available: Complete VMS on an IP Camera

exacqVision Edge is a complete video management software solution that runs directly on an IP camera and stores video to an SD card in the camera. Experience the same powerful features of server based recording software without the server. View live and recorded video from multiple Edge and server based recorders simultaneously with the included client software. Upgrade to Edge+ to archive more video to an exacqVision S-Series network storage appliance. Install the included exacqVision WebService software on a separate PC to view video in your browser, tablet or smartphone.

Edge and SD Card

Ideal Edge Applications



  • Small Systems
    Save server and installation costs on small video surveillance systems
  • Fast Deployment
    Completely pre-configure video system prior to installation; no server installation required.
  • High Reliability
    No single server failure stops all video recording
  • Unreliable Networks
    Ideal in environments with unreliable wireless or WAN connectivity – camera records even when the network is down.
  • Independent Recording
    Ideal to monitor remote server rooms independently of building surveillance recording.
  • Low Density Locations
    Ideal for remote locations with low camera counts

Now, exacqVision Edge is available in two versions:

exacqVision Edge logo

exacqVision Edge – Simultaneously connect to up to 10 exacqVision Edge cameras to a single client (Windows/Linux/Mac).

Powerful live & recorded video features:

  • Pre and post alarm recording
  • Supports PTZ control from IP camera and digital PTZ on any camera
  • exacqReplay instant replay feature
  • POS & ATM serial text search
  • Thumbnail and Timeline search
  • Export to standard formats like AVI and MOV or stand-alone EXE
  • Client-side dewarp of fisheye/panoramic cameras

exacqVision Edge+ Logo

exacqVision Edge+ – Simultaneously connect over 1000 exacqVision Edge cameras to a single client (Windows/Linux/Mac).

All of the features of exacqVision Edge along with the following features:

  • Time Lapse Recording
  • Archiving & Extended Storage
  • Single & Nested Mapping
  • Audit trail
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Supports multi-streaming from IP camera
  • Remote System Monitoring with Email Notification
  • Two-way audio
  • Bookmarking & Case Management
  • VideoPush extended video wall


Visit the exacqVision Edge product page for details. 

Check our camera integration page for a full list of exacqVision Edge compatible IP cameras.