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exacqVision Software Subscription Agreements (SSA)

The new on-demand batch SSA tool simplifies quoting for multiple existing licenses. exacqVision dealers can easily quote multiple exacqVision recorders with synchronized end dates online with 24/7 access. Users now have the ability to upload an existing .csv license file, save quote configuration numbers for easier processing when including on a purchase order and create new custom SSA renewals with a new option for SSA extension.

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Benefits of a Current SSA
A current exacqVision SSA gives users the latest VMS software functionality. Exacq introduces new functionalities to its solution every quarter. Updating to the newest version of exacqVision (version 7.6) will allow users to view video from the latest IP cameras, receive the highest performance from existing video recorders and hardware and add many new functions to improve security operations.

Some of the recent features added to exacqVision include:

  • CameraLinks for improved response time to critical alarms and events
  • Setup Indicators to guide installars through configuration changes to optimize an exacqVision installation.
  • Improved client performance enabling higher frame rates when monitoring a large number of cameras
  • EasyConnect to find, assign and address certain IP cameras automatically.
  • VideoPush to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor

View a complete list of the recent exacqVision software updates. Check the version of exacqVision SSA on your exacqVision server.

exacqVision Licensing Basics
Software licensing can be complicated, but exacqVision has made VMS software licensing easy. exacqVision is licensed exclusively on a per-camera basis. Client software, web server, mobile, and other products do not require any licensing, and exacqVision can still be used even after a license expires. exacqVision requires one license file per video recorder which is unique to the MAC address of the recorder. Software installation or restarting is not required when a new license is installed.

There are three levels of exacqVision software: Start, Professional and Enterprise.

exacqVision_start_VMS software_iconexacqVision Start VMS software is typically used for small, single installation sites. Start allows users to connect up to 16 analog and 16 IP cameras per server.

exacqVision_professional_VMS software_iconexacqVision Professional gives mid-sized end users a robust, easy-to-use VMS software. Professional VMS software allows users to connect up to 64 analog cameras and 128 IP cameras.

exacqVision_enterprise_VMS Software_iconexacqVision Enterprise provides multi-server, large-scale installations with an intuitive, effective VMS software to monitor live and recorded video, audio and data.

Learn more about exacqVision SSA and how exacqVision is licensed.

If you still have questions, visit our frequently asked questions or contact your local sales representative.