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School Campus Enhances Perimeter Security with Complete Tyco Security Products Solution

 About Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and Wakefield Girls High School educate students in West and South Yorkshire, England. The large campus includes about 4 buildings of varying sizes some dating back to the 16th century. A 19-person governing body and 500-person teaching and support staff work to better the education for 2,100 pupils yearly.

The Challenge

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and Wakefield Girls’ High School, located in Yorkshire, England, wanted a completely unified security system to secure the perimeter of the campus, while minimizing investigation time and improving security operations. Additionally, they wanted cameras that produced clear images to identify people as well as a management system that was easy to use.

Wakefield Grammar School

The Solution

After a complete site survey and evaluation, the school selected Reflex Systems of South Yorkshire, England as their integrator.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar and Wakefield School increased its security across its five-school campus with a complete Tyco Security Products solution including:

exacqVision Kantech Onboard

“They had done quite a bit of research on everything. Once they came to us, we decided that going with the Kantech embedded software was the best decision from a future-proofing point of view,” explained Steven Ward, technical director, Reflex Systems.

BenefitsIP Camera

Improved Camera Performance

With camera performance and image quality being the two most important factors for the school, the new Illustra Pro cameras give them the opportunity to cover all entry and exit points on campus and see critical details in areas with no sunlight. The strong integration between exacqVision VMS software and Illustra cameras simplified the deployment and optimized the performance. exacqVision automatically discovers cameras and addresses in exacqVision with EasyConnect.

exacqVision EasyConnect

Reduced Hardware Expenses

exacqVision recorders with Kantech Onboard reduce the hardware expenses and amount of rack space needed with the access control system pre-loaded on the network video recorder. The recorder came pre-loaded and pre-licensed with Kantech EntraPass Corporate access control system software at no additional cost.  With the integration of access control and video into one system, they were able to improve response time to critical alarms and events. With exacqVision CameraLinks, school operators can quickly access the most needed commands from live view and further search video evidence associated with entry and exit points.

“The installation went absolutely seamlessly. We prewired extra IT points where cameras were going to be and when it came time to connect everything to the network, they were snapped in and up and working right away. It was a great experience.”
– David Butterfield
Estates and Contracts Manager
Wakefield Grammar School Foundation

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Jeff Davis County Schools Selects exacqVision to Improve School Safety

Jeff Davis County Schools educates nearly 3,000 students and employs more than 300 faculty members in Hazlehurst, Georgia. The school district is comprised of 4 schools: primary school, elementary school, middle school and high school.

The Challenge
Jeff Davis Schools needed to replace their aging analog system with a new, updated IP security system. Their main goals for their surveillance solution were to have better quality video and an easier management software to search for relevant video.

The Solution

exacqVision VMS at Jeff Davis Schools


  • Nate Miller
    Nathan Miller, Network Engineer, Jeff Davis Schools

    Better image quality to identify students involved in incidents

  • Saves time searching for video evidence
  • Increased school safety
  • Improved student behavior and reduced student vandalism

“The biggest differentiator that set exacqVision apart from the competitors was its intuitive and user friendly interface. Our school administrators rely on exacqVision to prove what actually happened in incidents and remove the hearsay element.”

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JD Case Study

exacqVision at Vallejo School District “worth every dollar and more”

CBS 5 InvestigatesThe CBS affiliate in San Francisco, KPIX-TV 5, recently did an investigative story on the brutal beating of a high school student at the Jesse Bethel High School in Vallejo, crediting the school’s exacqVision video surveillance system with identifying the attackers. They contrasted this to the lack of video security at Richmond High School, one of four high schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District and considered one of the most dangerous in the Bay Area.

The interviewed Vallejo’s assistant superintendent Mel Jordan about the exacqVision VMS security system that had been installed throughout the school district:

Video from Jesse Bethel High School’s surveillance cameras pointed the way for Vallejo police to find, and identify the suspects in the brutal beating of a student last week. The district’s assistant superintendent Mel Jordan said the video is high quality, and everything seen by the cameras is recorded. "This system is a very positive system," he said.

Even more impressive is how the Vallejo schools paid for the cameras. The district stopped paying $40,000 a month for private security guards who Jordan said didn’t deter vandals. "We weren’t hitting the mark. We were looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 and $300,000 of vandalism," Jordan said.

Instead the district redirected the money toward buying the new surveillance system. Jordan said "It’s worth every dollar and more."

Just this month, those cameras caught vandals spray painting graffiti on a wall at Hogan High.

What we were able to do is go back in time and look at that then, then pull it off of there and then transmit it to the police officer," Jordan said.

The entire video report is here:

Screenshots from the story:

CBS 5 story on exacqVision at Vallejo School District

CBS 5 story on exacqVision at Vallejo School District

CBS 5 story on exacqVision at Vallejo School District