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exacqVision Integrates with Inex/Zamir for Enhanced License Plate Recognition

Exacq announces a new integration with Inex/Zamir license plate recognition software. This integration gives exacqVision users greater video surveillance capabilities within one interface.Inex Xamir


  • Easily view video associated with license plates
  • Saves time identifying vehicles with associated video
  • Search recorded video to quickly find video evidence and identify suspects
  • The exacqVision VMS software will show the following data:
    • License plate number
    • Description
    • Time stamp of date and time
    • Confidence number

This integration requires exacqVision 7.2 or later and IZServer build 73 or later. Learn more about this integration on our partners page.



exacqVision is Now Integrated with Mango DSP + Mate Viper Automated License Plate Recognition System

Mango MateExacq is now integrated with Mango DSP + Mate Viper automated license plate recognition (ALPR). The combination of exacqVision video management system (VMS) software and Viper ALPR gives customers a unified solution within one interface.

The Viper ALPR solution is a standalone, plug-n-play system that automatically detects vehicle license plates for fixed installations up to the speed of 30 mph. The Viper ALPR system analyzes the video input, captures vehicle license plates and sends results to the hosted server.

ALPR and exacqVision
Within the exacqVision Viper ALPR integration, users can view video associated with detected license plate readings. Users can also create alarms that will be triggered if certain license plate numbers pass through an area, sending a notification through exacqVision. Additionally, the integration allows users to search for a partial license plate number to find the video associated with it. The plate information is then displayed in the exacqVision client software and includes the following data:

  • License plate number
  • Timestamp of when the license plate was captured
  • Camera name

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.4 or later, an exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license and Mango DSP + Mate Viper ALPR software and an ALPR camera device.

For more information on this exacqVision integration visit our video analytics partners page.

What is an exacqVision Certified Server Application (CSA)?

Certified server application (CSA) testing qualifies that third-party software will run properly on an exacqVision server simultaneously with the exacqVision server software.

Several third-party technology partners such as access control systemsvideo and retail analytics and point-of-sale (POS) systems have been tested and approved by Exacq for the exacqVision CSA. These applications can be installed and loaded on select exacqVision recorders including the exacqVision A-Series with the CPU, RAM and hard drive upgrade and any exacqVision Z-Series.


High-End Retailer Utilizes exacqVision CSA for All-in-One Solution
CSA partners combined with exacqVision recorders can save end users the expense of additional systems. For example, an internationally known, high-end retailer wanted a solution that would integrate video surveillance and video analytics into one easy-to-manage system. They tested several competing systems in their highest trafficked store in Los Angeles on Rodeo Drive. Their goals for the test included an accurate people counting tool, easy-to-use video management software and one server that could handle all the systems simultaneously without requiring additional expenses and maintenance. After 90 days of testing, they found exacqVision and intuVision to be the ideal solution.

exacqVision Z-Series Provides Performance to Host Third-Party Software
As a result of the test, the retailer installed 15 exacqVision Z-Series network video recorders (NVRs) integrated with intuVision video analytics throughout their stores worldwide. Since the intuVision solution is approved by Exacq as a certified server application (CSA), it can be directly installed on the Z-Series recorder without the need for additional computers servers to run the analytic software.

Intuvision CSA

We invested in a better server to run all of our applications including intuVision Video Analytics on one NVR,” said the Director of Loss Prevention. “The exacqVision recorders saved us additional hardware and maintenance expenses.

With the high performance, reliability and capacity, the exacqVision Z-Series recorders delivered the power and speed needed to successfully conduct the video surveillance and run the intuVision video analytics software.

Read more about the results of this intuVision CSA implementation.

To see which third-party applications are CSA tested and approved, look for the CSA-check-logo tested icon on our Partners pages next to these applications.