For Growing Banks, The Investment is in Integration

Just as coffee shops are now ubiquitous in cities large and small, retail banking locations have sprung up on nearly every major street corner — no matter where in the world those roadways are located.

Even with advances in financial services technology that would seem to render the need for in-person banking obsolete, bank branches offer a level of convenience sought by today’s busy consumers while also serving as a high-visibility marketing tool  in a competitive marketplace. And so more and more banks are building their brand and service model by adding branches.

But as bank branches have proliferated, the security challenges have evolved as well. Banks requireOdeabank , Tyco Security Products, Access Control the highest level of security and monitoring, involving multiple cameras, doors and areas with restricted access. One approach would be to address each site individually, setting it up with its own security system under the watch of a dedicated individual.

Alternatively, banks can choose to deploy a single, integrated system that can bring all of these elements together for monitoring and reporting. This makes not only for a cohesive system as the bank expands, but a more cost-effective one as well.

As a growing banking system in Turkey, Odeabank sought a solution that could work with the initial branches it opened in 2012, but also easily serve the additional ones it was planning to bring online over the next year, which would quickly grow to 34 total locations. As a new entrant into Turkey’s banking market, Odeabank needed to move quickly as well, in one instance opening six branches within six weeks.

The bank had many items on its checklist of critical needs, but all of them centered upon integration. One key component was a central monitoring station to view and manage its video, access control, fire and intrusion alarms in real-time from each branch, with the ability to drill down to maps of the floor plans.

On the human resources side, the bank wanted to manage personnel activity from a single location, including controlling the access rights for employees to the various branches through a smart card. Bank security personnel required the ability to centrally manage access control for areas for more than 500 cardholders based on branch location, time and specific zones such as vaults, server rooms and other high security areas. Another related need was that the access system integration for employees also provide time and attendance reports.

Fortunately, Software House’s security and event management system C•CURE 9000 was available to Odeabank as a building block and growth tool, allowing it to check off each item on its list. Now as more branches come into the pipeline, they can be seamlessly integrated for security and HR purposes using the integration platform.

And what worked so well for Odeabank can work for other financial institutions or industries on the move that seek a scalable, integrated solution.

To read more about the integrated solution deployed by Odeabank, click here to download the full case study.

Download the Full Case Study Here

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Source: Tyco Blog