Kantech streamlines scheduling and account maintenance with EntraPass v7.40

The latest version of EntraPass Security Software launches with new features developed to streamline scheduling and account maintenance for operators.

Available in EntraPass Corporate and Global Editions, operators can now create actions and tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with the new Action Scheduler under the Operation menu. The Action Scheduler is ideal for locations where meetings can happen at sporadic times such as town halls or a special event at a place of worship. The actions are based on the door and relay behaviors such as locking and unlocking doors, arming alarm systems and toggling relays. Users can customize actions completely by combining Action Scheduler with the already proven and powerful Smartlink Task option.

EntraPass can now automatically deactivate operators that have not logged in for a pre-determined amount of days, allowing for easier account maintenance with the Operator Auto-Deactivate feature, available in both EntraPass Corporate and Global Edition.

The latest version of EntraPass software integrates with American Dynamics Video Edge version 5.1 and now supports exacqVision version 9.0.2.

hattrix administrators can now more easily manage account service types and view and change account statuses with color coding for easy viewing. Workstation operators can now navigate directly into a newly created account without navigating to the Switch Account menu.

EntraPass is available in Special, Corporate, and Global Editions as well as hattrix.

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